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The World of Chess

No description

Renzulli Buds

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of The World of Chess

The Queen is the second most important piece on the board(King is most important). The Queen is worth 9 points which is the most a piece can be worth on the board. The Queen can move diagonelly, straight, and sideways. At the beginning of the game the black Queen starts on black and the white Queen starts on white.
A bishop only moves diagonally. Usually for black the strongest bishop is the black and the strongest white bishop is the white. The bishop cannot jump over pieces and is worth 3.5 points.
"Chess is a complicated game of strategy" says Malique Spencer an intermediate chess player. As Aditya Menon an advanced chess player who made it to state tournetment for G&T says "it makes me feel calm" Chess is a game filled with strategy and thinking, yet it is fun.
The World of Chess
By: Megha and Ayush

The Rook is a very important chess piece and is worth 5 points. A Rook moves forward and sideways any number of spaces. The Rook also cannot jump peices just like most chess pieces. Also, you can castle with the rook. When you castle you move your King toward the Rook on the space next to it and then you move the Rook to the other side of the King. You cannot castle if the king is in check or will go through check in the process.
A pawn might look like a tiny piece but they are very important . A pawn moves forward one space but on the first move it can move two. When a pawn reaches the end of the board it can change to the piece you choose execpt a king. When capturing a piece with a pawn the pawn moves diagonally one space and it can't move straight to capture.
A Chess Board
The King can never be captured. It can be put in checkmate to win the game, but it can't be captured. The King can move any direction, but only one space. Since it can't be captured it is not worth any points. It still is the most important piece on the board because you can survive if you lose any other piece but if you lose the King you lose the match.
The Knight is an important piece of chess and most people call it horse. Many people think that it is useless but you can checkmate very easily. The knight moves in a L shape in any direction 3 spaces. It is also worth 3 points. It is also the only piece that can jump over other pieces
Fool's Mate
2 move checkmate black
If you try to do this with White it will be 3 Move Checkmate
4-move checkmate
White and Black
3 Move Checkmate
White Checkmate
If you try doing this with black it will be Fool's Mate unless you waste a turn.
-The American version of chess was created around 1000 Ad- Magnus Carlson is the ranked number 1 currently in the World with a rating of 2881 which is the best in all of history.
- Theoretically the longest chess game possible would be in 5,949 moves.
- The longest played game was between Arsovic and Belgrade which took 269 moves and ended in a draw.
- The first move where a pawn can move two spaces was first thought of in Spain 1280.
- Chess was created in India and was named Chaturanga.

Fun Facts

Number of Each Chess Piece
King = 1
Queen = 1
Bishop = 2
Knight = 2
Rook = 2
Pawn = 8
Ponts of Each Peice
King = none because not captureable
Queen = 9
Rook = 5
Bishop = 3.5
Knight = 3
Pawn = 1
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