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Evaluation Question 3


kathryn ramsden

on 1 April 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation Question 3

Evaluation Question 3 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? This is a distribution site that I found on the internet, it distributes magazines such as NME, Q and Rolling Stones. This means that this would be a good website that I could have my magazine to be distributed with. The retail overview helps me get an insight into the way that the distribution is handled, this will therefore give me information on how I can use them to benefit my magazine. This is an overview of NME, this will help me because it is what my magazine would be shown as when I use it, it will also give me insight into my competition and will tell me if I need to change things so that the magazine is up to date with other magzines and the trend. The way that the magazines are distributed is very important because it will tell me where abouts my magazine will be available to my consumers, I generally would want them to be available in any stores that sell other magazines, so to keep up with competition. With this website there is a chance to export my magazine this will therefore increase my target audience and the places that my magazine will be available. However exporting doesn't always insure that the places it is sold at are the best. http://www.specialistmags.co.uk/ This is another site that I found, however I could not find the sort of magazines that they sell, therefore i think that it would be best to use the other website which shows that it sells proffessional magazines such as NME, Q and Rolling Stones. This magazine distribution site is not a massive label, this therefore means that my product does not have to compete against major labels, it will also cost less to distribute with a smaller company and therefore better for my magazine.
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