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Elizabeth Shattles

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of computer

5 Things
Made By:
Elizabeth Shattles 5 Things I need to work on this year 1. Get better grades in Social Studies
2. Ask more questions in class
3. Stop talking in class
4. Do all of my homework the day I get it instead of doing it the day its due.
5. Actually study my study guides instead of doing it for nothing. Things That Turned Out Great I made a lot more friends this year
I got in National Junior Honor Society
Tried different encore classes and they
turned out great!
Got better grades than last year
I learned I a lot that will help me in life
Things I am Looking Forward
For Next Year 1. I am can't wait to learn about South Carolina history
2. Its my last year of middle school
3. We get to go to Charleston for a field trip
4. I get to meet new teachers
5. We get to sit where ever we want to at lunch Thank You For Looking
At My Prezi :)
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