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Cyber Bullying & the Bystander Effect in Social Media

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Daniella Tucci

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of Cyber Bullying & the Bystander Effect in Social Media

Importance of this Social Issue
Our Experiment
Our Articles
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Social media is important because it has strongly impacted our generation. It affects youth everyday and the choices they make.
People resort to cyber bullying, which can make others feel hopeless, alone, and can lead to self-harm, depression, or suicide.
It is important to be aware of this social issue because it is our responsibility to help others around us, and stop the problem.
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The bystander effect
is a social psychological term that refers to cases in which individuals do not offer any means of help to a victim when other people are present.
People “retweet” or “screenshot” inappropriate pictures and share them for others to see.
People are constantly being exposed through purge accounts, by pictures, or texts being sent around
No one does anything about it, they see it, like it, favourite it, share it etc and keep on scrolling.
How many times have you gone on social media and seen something that was not right and did nothing about it? It doesn't even matter if you don't know the person, because you can be that one person that saves them by simply clicking a button. But do you help?
How is the Bystander Effect evident in Social Media?
The social problem our group will be focusing on is social media, and how it effects our society's decisions. We looked at how cyber bullying and the bystander effect are both evident online.These issues effect the youth in our world and the decisions they make. Cyber bullying has become an extreme problem in our society today, and the bystander effect has caused greater problems for people on social media.
Discussion Time!
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By: Allison, Daniella, Hillary, Jaime, & Wendy
Cyber Bullying & the Bystander Effect in Social Media

For our primary research our group conducted a social experiment. We planned out an argument between members in our group (Jaime and Allison).
We carried the issue online to Twitter, and it was amazing to see how many people liked or encouraged the "beef"
Our experiment proved that our generation is so vulnerable to these careless acts of cyber bullying. So many people saw the fight and did nothing, while others contributed to the bullying.
We conducted a survey and passed it out to 51 people so we could get a better understanding of what are society does online.
Out of the 16 questions we asked, 5 stood out the most to us and seemed the most important.
1. Have you ever screenshotted someones private photos or information?
2. Have you ever shared inappropriate photos through social meida or messaging?
3. Have you ever been cyberbullied?
4. Would you ever report a friend for cyberbullying someone?
5. Have you ever cyberbullied someone?

Our Hypothesis is to see how the bystander effect and cyberbullying effects youth today, and the decisions they make.

Review 1
Cyberbulling on Social Media Linked to Teen Depression by Stephanie Pappas

Review 2
The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents, and Families by Gwenn Schurgin O'Keeffe and Kathleen Clarke-Pearson


Review 1
The Bystander Effect and Social Media by Helen

Review 2
Cyberbullying and the "Bystander Effect": The Dark Side of Social Media by Danielle Bilotta

Review 1
How social media is Influencing your Behaviour by Jordan Kasteler

Review 2
The 21st Century Bystander Effect Happens Everyday Online
by Vincent F. Hendricks

Review 1
Cyberbullying Via Social Media by Elizabeth Whittaker and Robin M. Kowalski

Review 2
The Bystander Effect and Social Media

Review 1
Bullying Statistics Anti- Bullying Help,Facts, and More by Richard Webster

Review 2
Social Media Bullying has become a Serious Problem

We would like to know your thoughts about cyberbullying on social media and bystanders on social media

Tell us how you feel about this topic, and if you know of anything personally

Don't be shy, ask questions, and join the debate!

In conclusion all our research supported our hypothesis, it proved that social media has a big influence on youth today and how they react to conflict online.
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