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No description

Vanessa Ponce

on 14 June 2014

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Transcript of Hyperbole

The song that I chose is "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis. An example of hyperbole in the song is when Ryan says "Like the ceiling can't hold us". What Ryan means is that they're partying so much that they're going to blow the roof. What he means is that he put all he's got into partying.
A hyperbole is an exaggeration used for effect. For example "I'd catch a grenade for you". Bruno Mars doesn't actually mean he'll catch a grenade for her,
he just means that he'll do anything for her. He's just exaggerating.
Grenade - Bruno Mars
This song is not about catching grenades it's about doing anything for his true love. "Take a bullet straight through my brain". He's exaggerating, what he really means is that if anyone tried to hurt her he would protect her. The way he uses the hyperboles in the song is effective because we all understand the true meaning behind it. He's using the hyperboles to prove a point.
A hyperbole is an exageration used in songs, texts, and in speech. Exageration can basically be used for anything! The song I chose was "
Girl on Fire
" by Alicia Keys. In the song, it says "
She's on top of the world" but, nobody can be "on top of the world". She's just exagerating! Another thing that was mentioned in the song was "She's walking on fire.." I doubt Alicia Keys would be walking on fire!
The part 2 song I chose was,"Moment 4 life" written by THE queen, Nicki Minaj. One hyperbole in the song is when she says, "In this very moment I slay Goliath with the sling" Which means she feels she can almost do anything in that moment. She also says she "Flys with the stars in the skies" what she is trying to say is that she feels she is someone who has established herself well. Nicki Minaj was visited by her fairy godmother in the video, meanwhile Nicki was a "King". She called herself a king because she feels there are no male rappers that give her a challenge. She really isn't a king (Obviously)
I chose the song "A year without rain" by Selena Gomez. An example of a hyperbole from the song"A Year Without Rain" is "A day without you is like a year without rain" it's just an exagerration, it feels like a year without rain but she's not actually going a year without her love she's only going a day without him but she misses him so much that it feels like a year.
This song is saying that when you miss someone one it feels like years until you see them again.
Another example i found is "It's like I've been wandering in the desert for a thousand days" It feels like she's been with out her love for a thousand days when maybe she was only without him for a day or two, but it feels like that because she misses him so much.
By Group 5!
Girl On Fire
Moment 4 life
Can't Hold Us
A Year Without Rain
By: Andrew, Vanessa, Rosa & Nick
The whole point of this song was to show how strong woman can be, even when they are going through a lot in their lives. Here are some more examples of hyperboles in the song, "She's living in a world and it's on fire". First of all, the world was never on fire! Maybe somewhere on this earth, but certainly NOT the whole world at once! Another example of a hyperbole is, "Filled with catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away". She can't "fly away", for all we know, humans CAN'T fly!
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