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BTSN 2016

No description

Shira Carroll

on 8 September 2017

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Transcript of BTSN 2016

Welcome to 6th Grade!
Miss Carroll
Mr. Murray

Meet Miss Carroll
1. Meet The Teachers
2. Schedule/Specials
3. Meet Learning Support and ESL
4. Homework
5. Agendas/Calendars
6. Information How-To
7. School-wide Behaviors
8. Wellness Policy
9. Fun Stuff
10. Curriculum
11. Questions???

Language Arts
Establishing a Community of Readers and Writers
Navigating and Understanding Informational Text
Understanding and Interpreting Literature
Comparing In, Between, and Among Texts
Social Studies
Thanks for coming!
It's going to be a great year!
The amount of time spent reading and the amount read are

important. For example, a student who reads 21 minutes per day outside of school reads almost 2 million

words per year. A student who reads less than a minute per day outside of school reads only 8,000 to

21,000 words per year (Texas Reading Initiative, 2002).
Excellent Parent/ Teacher communication tool.
Must be carried to each class.
Homework is written down daily in class.
If a student loses it, it will be their responsibility to replace it.
Schoology is not a substitute for agendas.

Learning Support Teachers
Mrs. Holden
Mrs. Hamilton
Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Surkin
Mr. Pagano

Typically given on a daily basis including Fridays, as determined by the teacher.
Expected to be completed the next school day unless otherwise specified.
Recorded in agenda books.
Please encourage your child to review their notes and read nightly.
Homework is posted on Schoology daily.

This is my fourth year 6th grade teaching at AGIS. Previously, I have taught 4th through 8th grade in Philly, OJRSD, Haverford, Penn-Delco, and England!

I am the daughter of 2 teacher parents and also the younger sister to two teacher sisters, Alexis and Tamra. I am the very proud aunt of the cutest boy ever, Avery.

When I'm not at school, I love to read, travel, bake, and most of all, shop for shoes!

Writer’s Workshop Format
Develop skills needed to improve writing
Writing Conferences
Peer Editing
Use of PSSA Writing Rubric
Focus on:
Organization (Sentence, paragraph, essay)

Reading and writing social studies materials
Using maps and globes
Using pictures, charts , graphs, cartoons diagrams, and illustrations
Understanding time and chronological order of events
Doing, reporting, and interpreting social science research
Rational decision-making and problem-solving skills
Data-processing skills
General thinking skills
Intrapersonal and interpersonal skills

Social Studies Skills
Progress Reports
Reading Informational Text
Reading Literature
Demonstrates Writer’s Craft
Demonstrates Appropriate Command of Conventions
Qualities of a Learner

Ancient Civilizations
8:10-8:30 Homeroom
8:30-9: 10 Encore
9:15-10:00 WIN
10:00-11:30 Block 1
11:30-1:00 Block 2 (snack)
1:00-1:40 Lunch/Recess
1:40-3:10 Block 3
3:15 Dismissal

Upstairs schedule
8 Day Cycle including:
Skills for Success
Physical Education/ Health

Encore Cycles
Responsibility Calendar
Reflection sheets should be signed at the end of the month.
Helps students monitor their personal behaviors and identify traits where there is room for improvement.
Communication tool between teachers, students and parents.

Info To Know
Teacher Websites: Schoology
More Info...
Thursday Folders
All papers sent home will be in the folder (PTA, AGRA, etc…)
Certain papers only go home with the youngest student at AGI.
Please ask your child to see their folder!

District communication system
Automatically calls home for important information from AGI or the District
Snow Days

Behavior Expectations
Be Respectful
Be Safe
Be Responsible
Be Fair
Do your personal best every day!

Wellness Policy
Full policy is located online at the Avon Grove Website.
For the safety of all students, sixth grade will not have edible birthday treats.
Water bottles are permitted in class.
Please provide a healthy/ appropriate snack for your child.
Keep in mind, all classrooms are nut free.

Fun Stuff!
Field Trips:
Paradise Farms was a great team building experience!
We are still in the planning stages of our others trips. As decisions are finalized, you will receive more information.
If you’re interested in being a chaperone this year you must
have your clearances on file with the office. You will need the
A criminal history report from the Pennsylvania State Police (cost $8; turnaround immediate);
An original child abuse history clearance from the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare (cost $10; turnaround could be several weeks);
And an FBI criminal history report which requires fingerprinting (cost $28.75; turnaround usually 48 hours).

11th Annual 6th Grade Career Day
Where: Avon Grove Intermediate School

You are invited to help make our Career Day a success! We are looking to expose our 5th and 6th grade students to a wide variety of career choices. Forms are available with the ambassadors located in the front of our school.

Picture Day
Fall Pictures are coming up on September .
Forms went home earlier this week.

Social Studies Big Ideas
Humans adjust to life based on their physical surroundings and they alter those surroundings to meet their needs and wants. (Geography)

Cooperation and conflict between groups of people have produced change in the world. (History)

There are different levels of government; each has its own responsibilities to work to form a unified government. (Government)

Trade influences economic structure and growth. (Economics)

Science Big Ideas
Celestial bodies have patterns of movement based on the force of gravity.
All objects obey universal laws relating force and motion.
Systems interact with one another, have specific needs, and continually adapt and change.
Relationships exist among organisms in different ecosystems.

And Current events
Reader's/Writer's Workshop Model
Guided Reading: Small Group Instruction
Writer's Workshop: Conferencing
Reader's Notebooks
LA Big Ideas
Working collaboratively and reflectively.
Goal setting and monitoring progress in reading and writing.
Work ethic and problem solving.
Building reading stamina through independent reading.

Understanding and utilizing key concepts in written expression.
Focusing on progression with emphasis on comprehension and higher level thinking.
Study Skills
Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills

MAP Testing
Measures of Academic Progress
3 times a year
50-60 minutes typically (untimed)
Tool for teachers to differentiate instruction

Text Message Reminders:
homework, special events, long-term assignments, etc.
**Slips on back table with directions, help yourself!

I've been teaching in this building since it opened in 2002! I started teaching in Massachusetts.

I have a husband named Brian. We have 2 sons. They both live in Philadelphia. I have a cat; her name is Haley. She was named after Haley's Comet, right when it was flying by, because a cat like her only comes once in a blue moon!

When I am not at school, I like to go to
the beach, visit family, and shop!
Meet Mrs. Holden
Teacher emails:
Miss Carroll: scarroll@avongrove.org
Mr. Murray: jmurray@avongrove.org
This is my first year co-teaching sixth grade math as the special education teacher at AGIS. Previously, I co-taught 11th and 12th grade English as the special education teacher at Susquehanna Township School District in Harrisburg. I then taught for three years in the special education department in Downingtown Area School District as a high school learning support teacher and sixth grade emotional support teacher.

I married my high school sweetheart, Jeff, two years ago and together we have a beautiful baby girl, Lila. We also have a black pug named Curtis, our other pride and joy :-)

During my free time, I love to explore the local attractions: museums, festivals, shops, and restaurants.

Meet Mrs. Surkin
Meet Mr. Murray
Emphasis on mathematical reasoning and problem solving
Specifically, students will be able to analyze more, discuss more, evaluate more, justify more and explain their thinking and understanding, especially through writing.
Alternative strategies encouraged and valued.
Actively engaged in modeling, working with materials and with peers to solve mathematical problems

Big Ideas
Unit 1: The Number System (computation of decimals and division of fractions)
Unit 2: Rational Numbers (understanding positive and negative numbers)
Unit 3: Expressions and Equations (evaluating expressions and solving one-step equations)
Unit 4: Ratios and Proportional Relationships (understanding ratios and proportions)
Unit 5: Geometry (area, surface area and volume w/ and w/out the coordinate plane)
Unit 6: Statistics (analyze, construct and interpret data through various types of graphs)

6th Grade Units
This is my 20th year in education, and my 14th year teaching at AGIS. The beginning of my tenure at AGI I have taught both in the 6th grade classroom, and 5th & 6th grade in a multi-age setting. I have also taught science as a specialist as a Science Lab Teacher.

My wife is also an educator serving as a Reading Specialist in a Delaware County public school. We have 3 daughters: Madison (13), Morgan (11), and Mackenzie (8).

During the summer I enjoy spending time at the beach with my family. One of my hobbies is playing the bagpipes, where I play for a band in Montgomery County.

Procedure Reminders
Morning Routine:
1. Unpack
2. Sit in your seat until the Pledge.
3. Line up quietly for Encore
1. Stay in your seat until you are called to pack up
2. Return to your seat until your run is called
**Failure to follow these procedures will result in calendar marks or silent homeroom**
Other things to remember:
1. Where do we turn in papers?
2. How do we leave the room?
3. What is the right way to walk in the hallway?
4. What time does Block 3 end?
5. What do you do with a signed test/assignment?
Accessible through avongrove.org
Click on the "Parents" Tab
Access codes were emailed.
Click on the icon below:
PTA Volunteers
Sign up on Bistro Table:
Country Christmas
Copy Room
Flexible Seating
The idea: Students work better in a space where they are comfortable. Students thrive when they opportunity to figure out which type of working environment suits them best.

How it works: Each day students choose their seating based on their needs for that day. Students (and teachers) have the option to change their location if it is not working.

How it's going so far: So far so good!
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