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Neighbourhood Planning: Engaging (local) people

4th June Meeting with Ealing's Neighbourhood Planning People

Angela@Imagine Places

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of Neighbourhood Planning: Engaging (local) people

PAVED WITH GOLD: Ealing Case Study
Ad-Hoc #WishforWestEaling

Warm-up Questions
& Answers from Attendees
A bit on

Neighbourhood Planning & Vitality
The Makings of a good Process & Plan

A bit of Theory...

OPEN ...emerged
Passport for NPlanning Action
(Name badge/Contact details/Asking for help and giving time and skills)
If you don't ask ....
Business Card sized workshop invitations
Mobile DIY Mobile Walls,
A-Frames ...
In situ / site specific conversations:
I wish this was...
Grow a mobile exhibition of
peoples ideas & thoughts.
Be on-line. Have a strategy.
DIY Blackboard with positive Question
StickyWorld platform for private and public
on-line NPlan Conversations (in development)
Xpinion platform for on-line Conversations (in development)
Extract from strategy document
WORK in Progress...
Themes, Draft Projects, Policies and Actions
with Special Thanks to the Prince's Foundation
Picture by Simon Hall
Picture by Eric Leach
Picture by Eric Leach
Picture by KTNF
Picture by KTNF
Picture by KTNF
Picture by Prince's Foundation
Picture by KTNF
Picture by KTNF
DEBRIEF 2 JUNE; MEETING WITH EALING CENTRAL AND WEST EALING CENTRE NEIGHBOURHOOD PLANNERS (Evolving Rough Guide to Neighbourhood Planning & Vitality Version 2, put together by ImaginePlaces)

A Design Charrette is an intensive, hands-on workshop that brings people from different disciplines and backgrounds together to explore plans for a particular area or site. Charrettes can take place in a single session or be spread out among two or three workshops. The goal of the charrette process is to capture the vision, values and ideas of the community and collaborate to create innovative solutions.
A OPEN Design Charrette is a great 'opportunity space' for working on questions that matter and nurture more (home grown) solutions.

In a Design Charrette, everybody becomes a designer. It doesn’t mean you need to draw well! We define ‘designer’ as ‘anyone who tries to change an existing situation to an improved one'’ (Marty Neumeier) ... while considering opportunities and constrains.
(from creativityiseverywhere.net)

Appreciative Inquiry...
Community Neighbourhood Workshop or …OPEN Design Charrettes...

Hand-made, co-designed
and co-produced ...

The Appreciative Inquiry model is based on the assumption that the questions we ask will tend to focus our attention in a particular direction. Asking questions such as “What are the problems?”, “What’s wrong?” or “What needs to be fixed?” gives the conversation a direction which AI argues highlights; sometimes deepens deficiency, Deficiency focused questions assume that there is something wrong, or that something needs to be fixed or solved. Appreciative Inquiry takes an alternative approach. As an "asset-based approach" it starts with the belief that every organisation, and every person in that organisation has positive aspects that can be built upon. It asks questions like “What’s working well?”, “What’s good about what you are currently doing?”

2 Principle
Engagement MODELS...
You'll find more on AI here: wikipedia .... and a very useful article and critique here: http://www.gervasebushe.ca/AITC.pdf
Some interesting observations by David Sibbet on Team working...
... Mine is still half full!


The conversation ...
continues ... off and on-line!
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