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Social Marketing: Diabetic Hispanics

HLTH 438 Final Presentation

Juli Lambrechtsen

on 16 December 2010

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Transcript of Social Marketing: Diabetic Hispanics

DiabeticHispanic Women:
A Social Marketing Strategy goals & objectives Goal Reduce diabetes related morbidity among diabetic
Hispanic Women in California Objectives: process, impact & outcome In 1 year: 10% of grocery stores
In 2 years: 50 non-grocery store locations
In 5 years: increase by 10% fruit and vegetable consumption
Increase by 10% Hispanic diabetic women in California who have knowledge of how diet affects diabetes.
In 10 years: decrease by 15% metabolic disorders related to blood glucose
In 10 years: decrease by 10% mortality rates related to diabetic complications product Augmented Product: Basket of fresh fruits & vegetables, coupons & recipes Core Product: Bundle of benefits
Convenience of time & transportation
Healthy food available at a low price
More time for cooking, Being with family & taking care of other responsibilities. BARRIERS Belief that healthy eating is too expensive
Inability to travel to stores that provide healthy options
Not having time to shop for fresh produce because of other obligations
Unfamiliarity with cooking or eating certain types of produce
PRICE $ Actual buying cost
Picking out produce
Eating unfamiliar produce
Try new recipes
Spend more time cooking Ashley Gooch
Hailey Christensen
Rachel May
Juli Lambrechtsen Pretesting Plan RACHEL WHO Hispanic women, ages 18 to 44 years What Product: how well will target population receive it?
Message: clear? understandable? How Survey: door-to-door
Non-random sampling Interviews
Snowball sampling 20 to 30 100 to 200 Where When Homes, churches, libraries, community centers, & grocery stores During the hours Hispanic women are most likely out in the community Consumer Analysis Meet Fransisca Diabetes among hispanics Hispanics and diet Diabetes and hispanic women Ashley Place & Promotion Place where the produce baskets will be Grocery Stores Churches Libraries Community Centers Promotion Advertising

Direct Marketing

Personal selling Hailey Messages Erase Diabetes: Eat more fruits and vegetables today! You can manage or reverse your type 2 Diabetes by eating right and exercising. This basket will help you make healthy meals for yourself and for your family. Order today! Juli Conclusion
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