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Olympic Gymnastics

No description

brooklyn porter

on 3 May 2018

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Transcript of Olympic Gymnastics

Olympic Gymnastics
Why do gymnasts wear grips
Gymnasts wear grips to help grip the bars while they are swinging so they do not fall off if their hands get sweaty.
Who helped make gymnastics a olympic sport
Men and women both working together
Why are the uneven bars uneven?????
The answer to this question is to be able to perform amazing and smooth release moves!!!
How good do gymnast have to be to be in the olympics?
The answer to this question is they have to be on level 10 to make it to the olympic games.
What speed do they have to run to get over the vault and how far ?
3 to 6 feet
7 mph
Simone Biles
Gabby Douglas
Laurie Hernandez
Ally Ramsion
Madison Cochan

Brooklyn Porter
Klaire Swihart
Caroline Connor
Haley Vannatten
Who is on the USA team?
When did gymnastics become an olympic sport??
Thanks for watching
-Brooklyn Porter
-Klaire Swihart
-Caroline Connor
-Haley Vannatten
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