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What are our Perceptions of the Typical Australian and

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Elizabeth Harris

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of What are our Perceptions of the Typical Australian and

What are our Perceptions of the Typical Australian and how TYPICAL am I
2 Cars
Parents both finished school
Speak English at home
Backround- South African and English
Parents both employed
5 bedrooms in my house

Speak English at home
2 cars
Parents both finished school
Similarities between Me and my perceptions
2 cars
Most of Australians have finished school
Most common backround in Australia- English
1 parent employed
4 bedrooms per houshold
My Perceptions
Speak English
2 cars
Most common backround- English

Similarities between my Perceptions and Census Data
2 cars per house
The average Australian aged 15 years and older has finished school
The most common laguage spoken in Australia is English 18% of Australians do not
36% of Australians backround is English, 35% are Australian, 10% are Irish, 9% are Scottish and 10% are from other countries
67% of men are employed and 56% of women are employed
The most common gender is female
3 bedrooms per household
Census Data
Speak English
2 cars
Backround- English
More than half of men and women are employed

Similarities between the Census Data and Me
Speak English
2 cars
Similarities between the Census Data, Me and My Perceptions
What are Our Perceptions of a Typical Australian and how TYPICAL am I ?

By Ella Partridge

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australia Institute of family studies


By Ella Partridge
My Perceptions of the Average Australian
I think a typical Australian is a male and lives with a family of four. The family would be consisting of two children and two parents. They would live in a two storey house with two cars in a suburban area. My perception is that the house would have four bedrooms and two bathrooms, it would have two tv's. Each person in the family would have their own electronic device. I perceive that the children would be a girl and a boy aged approximately 7 to 14. Both children would go to a private school in the same city the family is living in. The father would work five days a week as an office worker or builder/electrician earning approximately $1200 a week. I perceive the mother would work from home, be an office worker or teacher earning about the same amount as the father a week. The family would go overseas every two to three years and go on a holiday in Australia six times a year.
From the Data Collected Describe the Characteristics of the Average Australian
From the data I have collected I have found that the average Australian is a female aged 37. The average Australian lives in a family consisting of four members, both of them being children and the other two being adults. The family would own at least two pets. They would live in a one storey house on a coastline in a suburban area of a capital city. Inside the house would have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The average Australian family owns two cars, one for each parent. Both parents in the family would work as a sales assistant, getting paid $72000. The children would go to a Catholic school in the same city as they are living in. The data states that the family would speak English at home and their background would be English as well. They would go overseas every two to three years most likely to New Zealand. They would go on small holidays six times every year.
How are you the Average Australian discuss your Similarities and Diffrences
I am the average Australian because I am a female although I am not 37 as the average Australian is. My family consists of four members and owns two cars. We live in a two storey house unlike the average Australian although we do live in a capital city and on the coastline. In my house there are five bedrooms and three bathrooms unlike the average Australian having three bedrooms and two bathrooms. My parents are both employed but unlike the acerage Australian they do not work as sales assistants; instead they are a teacher and risk manager. Both of the children in my family go to a Catholic school and are going to Catholic high schools similar to the average Australian. The two children in my family are aged 9 and 11. My family, unlike the average Australian goes overseas every one to two years while the average Australian goes overseas every two to three years.
How has your Perception of the Average Australian Changed
My perception of the average Australian has changed alot. I thought the average Australian would live in a much bigger hose than they do. I thought they would go overseas more. Before I started this task my perception of the average Australian went to a public school not a private school. My understanding of the average Australian has changed alot especially with the age and gender, also the occupations and employment.
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