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Boy in Striped Pajamas by Dino Pucci

No description

dino pucci

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Boy in Striped Pajamas by Dino Pucci

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
By John Boyne
This story starts out with a boy named Bruno , a Mother , Father , and a sister named Gretel. The story is set in Germany. It is the Year 1942 and in the middle of the Holocaust.
Inciting incident
The Inciting incident is when the boy named Bruno was forced to move to a another town in Germany for his fathers work as a Commandant in the army. Bruno is furious and does not want to move from his home town.
Rising action
One event in the rising action was when Bruno moved in to his new home and saw a strange place next to him with high barbed wired fences. Another event was when Bruno tried to make a swing to swing on , and ended up hurting himself . The last event was when he went exploring and found a small boy named Shmuel on the other side of the fence. Every single day Bruno went to Shmuel to talk to him about Shmuel's side of the fence , and give Shmuel food.
The Climax is when Bruno was informed that he was able to go back to his home town because where he was living "was no place for a boy to grow" his mother said. So he said to his friend Shmuel if he wanted to play once just too remember each other by something. So it ended up with Bruno going over to Shmuel's side of the fence.
Falling action
The falling action is when Bruno and Shmuel were chosen to go on a march with several others. After several minutes of marching they went into a chamber of some sorts and the door shut and there was a loud metallic sound . After that there was no more word of Bruno. For he was just killed in a gas chamber. After that his family was very confuse about the whereabouts of there son. His family searched several days with no luck what so ever.
The story ended with mother traveling back to there home town hoping that Bruno would be at home. Also with his sister Gretel crying every night thinking about her brother. For they both felt devastated that Bruno was gone by something that the father does to people.
Things I liked/didn't like
I liked how Bruno still cared about the ☻people in the concentration camp. I like this because it shows that even though he didn't understand who they where he still stood up for Shmuel and others
I didn't like that Bruno had to die in such a horrible way. I disliked this because you start to relate to Bruno threw the story and to have his just die is sad to the reader.
I like that they put the story in 3rd person omniscient so you could see the story through many peoples eyes.
Prezi By Dino Pucci
I was able to connect to the main character Bruno because I too have a problem with changes like Bruno had with moving. Also I love to explore around like Bruno and is always curious
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