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Tatiyana A

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Montesquieu

The Enlightenment Thinkers
Man Down by Rihanna
Reason- In this theory it is talking about them making the laws being made of of people and what they are doing. Such as they never thought of thinking about so of the rule they passed until someone did what they thought was wrong. This song is an example on one of the laws that they passed and the law where you have to go to jail and it the song it says that.

Thrift Shop by Macklemore
The reason we chose this song was because in this song its talking about how the prices of clothes are not good for the people, just like the laws were not for the overall good will of the people. This shows that he wanted to try and make everything good for the people.

I Knew you Were Trouble by Taylor Swift
Reason: In this song Taylor sings about how she was abandon by her boyfriend like how Rousseau put his kids up adoption. This relates to his idea because he thought he wouldn’t be a good “ruler”, or teacher, for his kid s like how some kings aren't the best rulers for their country.

.Royals by Lorde
Reason:In this song it states “Let me live this fantasy” meaning that it would be a “fantasy to many other people to be royal and they wouldn’t abuses their power. This relates because Rousseau is against kings thinking their above the law.

Roar by Katy Perry
Reason: In this song Katy is trying to express that she is going to use her voice to speak out and “Roar”. Its about using her voice instead of violence. Voltaire's idea was to separate church and government without violence but with your voice

Diamonds by Rihanna
Reason: In one of his main points of his theory he states that light shines on truth clouded by emotion and in this song Rihanna is making her feelings known to a guy. As Rihanna sings “So shine bright tonight” think of Voltaire shining bright on the truth.

Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
Reason: In this song Miley Cyrus is voicing what she feels about the break up with Liam. In Voltaire”s theory he say that you use your voice to speak out and use your freedom, like she did.

Heal The World by Michael Jackson
This song is the best example of Voltaire because he was all about world peace and nonviolence and this song is motivated by nonviolence and world peace.
.Done by The Band Perry
Reason: In this song The Band Perry they sing about how her boyfriend is abusing his power and not using it wisely, so she breaks up with him. It’s like how the people overthrow the kings that were abusing their power. Locke said that the government should protect the rights of the people and if they arn’t doing a good job you can overthrow the government like how the song she says shes “done” with her boyfriend because he wasn’t treating her right.

2.Jump by Kris Kross
Reason: In one of his main reasons is that Locke Jumps high and this song is talking about being the best in what you do but not taking full power. So when you think about Locke think about “Jump, Jump”

3.We can’t stop by Miley Cyrus
Reason: This song Miley is wanting to do anything and everything she wants and that stating that “We run things, Things don’t rule we” and “This is our house,This is our rules”. Its\’ like how Locke says people are born with natural rights. Miley is saying she has rights and people can’t take that away, similar how Locke says the government can’t control everything you do.

4. Mean by Taylor Swift
Reason: This song is someone has failed Taylor just like how the government is failing the people. The ruler is being unfair to the people just like who taylor was writing the song about,was to her. His idea is that the government should protect her people and work with them not against them, not like how Taylor's inspiration for this song is acting.

The Enlightenment Thinkers
The Power by Snap
Reason: The reason we picked this song was because rulers, like king Louis XIV, abused their power, Hence “ I got the Power”. Montesquieu says that rulers automatically think they are in charge and this song shows what the thoughts of the rulers when they tried to take over

Radioactive by Imagine Dragon
Reason: The reason we chose this song was because in this song it states “welcome to the new age” referring to the thought of separating the government into three branches. This song relates because it is talking about trying something new and calling it the new age.

Every Breath you Take by The Police
Reason: In the song it says “i’ll be watching you” and in his theory it states that Montesquieu is watching you on the like a stalker! This is song helps this theory because it is talking about watching and making sure that you are alright and what Montesquieu was saying is that he will try to make everything fair. Like the branches, They are going through three different systems to make sure that nonsense laws are not passed
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