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omar khalili

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Skunk Ladder.. Done By: Omar Al-Khalili Vocabulary... A plot Line Plot Line... What are the parts of
a plot line? Exposition.. vocabulary.... Vocabulary... Vocabulary... The Summary, Vocabulary.... The Skunk Ladder.. Summary:
There were 2 boys one of them was called Crazy Eddie and they keep on doing crazy things that made Eddie's father nervous.
And one day they thought of digging a big whole to trap animals and teach them tricks to be rich.
Inside the whole they found a skunk and they didn't want the Muldoon's cows to fall inside this big whole so they wanted to cover the whole with the dirt but the skunk is still inside.So they put the door over the whole and made a ladder to bring out the skunk,
the next day the father discovered the whole and yelled at them. Feat: great achievement

Building Khalifa Tower
was a great feat.

Bad; not civilized.

I saw a savage lion. Abandoned:
left away.
This car
was abandoned because it is old. Attempt: The act of trying things.
What is a plot line?
A plot line is a diagram that shows the sequence of a story. The exposition has an
introduction to the story. Genre; Humorous Fiction, has characters and events that makes you laugh. Bellow: Making a lot of noise. Immensely: Extremely
Cavern: A big cave.
The parts of the plot line are:
2-Rising action
4-The falling action

Rising action The rising action is the part of the story where some of the events appear. Climax The climax is the main problem in the story. The falling action The falling action leads the reader to the story's end. Resolution The resolution is the end of the story. Thank You...
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