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My favorite food

By Alex Smakhtin Prezi Assignment #1

Alexander Smakhtin

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of My favorite food

Because it's the perfect mix between... What did I forget? SWEET N D MY FAVORITE FOOD IS PIZZA A SALTY Such as it becomes incredibly irresistible... There are many more reasons of course... When it melts in your mouth with that first bite. Oh yes, it tastes so great that you cant have enough! It doesn't REALLY matter if it's cold or not like most other hot foods. It has so many toppings that you can suit anyone's taste! I personally find it hard to think of something bad about pizza. Then again it is my favorite food. HISTORY PIZZA WAS INVENTED IN NAPLES, ITALY. AS YOU REALIZE, IT HAS BECOME KNOWN WORLDWIDE SINCE THEN. EVER WONDER WHAT PIZZA COMMERCIALS LOOKED LIKE IN 1986-1990? DOMINOE'S COMMERCIAL FROM 1986 WENDY'S COMMERCIAL FROM 1990 PIZZA HUT COMMERCIAL FROM 1986 DID I MENTION THAT PIZZA IS DELICIOUS? AND IT LOOKS SO GOOD TOO! JUST LOOK AT THE PHOTO BEHIND THIS TEXT! DOESN'T IT MAKE YOU WANT TO EAT PIZZA? IT DOES FOR ME, AND THAT'S WHY... PIZZA AS WE KNOW IT, ONLY APPEARED AROUND 1700!
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