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Copy of Orientation


Jana Shearer

on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Orientation

Welcome To Career Institute!!
Here are the staff employees
Jana Shearer
6. Which Career Fits You? (Holland Assessment)
Youth Responsibility and Expected Outcomes:
-Attend all Mentor Meetings on Wednesdays
-Be on time to all activities of Career Institute
-Fully engage in all activities of the program
-Keep in regular contact with Career Mentor
-Keep me updated on cell phone changes and address changes
-Attend and complete your Automotive, Personal Care Aide training/Certified Nursing Aide training, Customer Service training and Financial Freedom training
-Complete all Life Skill Projects $30 completion
Mandatory Life Skill Projects
1) Bring Your A Game To Work
2) Career Portfolio
3) Time Management
4) Reading and Writing
5) Making Decisions
6) 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
7) Job Search
8) Career Research
9) Certification Planning
10) Advancement Project

$30.00 for Completed projects for neatly done projects, not last minute projects. Do not procrastinate.

Training Account
Training Cost- This covers classes that you will be taking in your 1st year.
Life Skill Projects- Successfully completed projects turned in on the due date will earn you $30.00 per project. Must be completed to a high standard.
Supportive Services/Incentives- Active participation in your 1st year and meeting performance measures provides a $50 supportive service to you once every 30 calendar days as long as you are active in program.

The Customer Service Training is nationally recognized by the National Retail Federation, which is the frontrunner in industry research, education, workforce development and certification programs. This class is designed to increase awareness and skill level of students in the area of Customer Service.
To be on time you MUST show up 15 minutes early to any activity you will be attending with the Career Institute
Financial Freedom Training
Learn how to live debt free, be financially savvy, avoid money scams, deal with lenders and debt collectors, just to name a few. Achieve your dreams without letting financial burdens stand in your way!!
12 hour training
WIOA Performance Measures (Sign Form)
The Federal Department of Labor, who funds this program has identified three performance measures that must be met by each participating student. They are as follows:

Basic Skills Improvement:

Student must improve one educational functioning level in basic skills if you scored below
Obtaining a Degree or Certificate:
You must successfully obtain an occupational certificate.
Employment or Education:
During the second quarter and fourth quarter of your 2nd year you must be working or attending school

Attendance and being on time to ALL of Career Institutes activities is mandatory! This includes both your 1st year and your 2nd year with Career Institute.
Making your way through college.
Classroom Rules: Conduct yourself in a professional manner. Please no talking amongst each other while instructors are speaking.
No cell phone usuage whatsoever while in class.
Basic common sense. Watch bad words being said.
There should be no excuses when it comes to transportation. Always have plan B just in case you have car trouble or transportation problems. Carpooling is an option with other students. If you do carpool, make sure you help out the driver with gas. Be on time if you are the passenger.
Appearance? How do I dress? Please see Career Institute dress standards handout if you are unsure of how to dress.
Strive to be the best you can.
College Guidance and Success Program
If you call me and I do not answer, please leave me a message. If no message, I will not call you back. Be mindful of my time when you text or call me. If it is an emergency, leave a message as to what you need. If I feel it is an emergency I will try to call or text you back. If not, I will contact you the next working day I am in office. Inappropriate planning on your part is not an emergency for me. My days off are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The Office is closed on Fridays.

FACEBOOK: Career Institute has a facebook page that has valuable information on. I also in turn use facebook as well. Please like the "Career Institute" page. It has our address on it so it should not be hard for you to find. I will request you as a facebook friend. I use this to communicate at times with my students.

Why do I need advisement?
When should I schedule my advisement appointment?
Is advisement required?
discuss your degree completion plan
create your Educational Goal Plan
review graduation requirements
before your first course
during the first or second week of your first course
halfway through your program
if your educational career takes an unexpected turn
whenever you want to stop in or call!
Advisement is part of your first homework assignment in your first course!
Where do I meet for advisement?
Student Services is located on both Amherst and Rochester campuses.

They are open Monday through Friday.

Hours vary by campus; be sure to call ahead and schedule an appointment.

Students in on-ground programs must meet for advisement in person.
Students in online programs may meet with Student Services virtually or in person.
How do I register for my classes?
You are automatically registered for your courses each semester
Should you have any questions regarding your registration, contact Student Services
How do I view my schedule?
Class schedules are accessible through your MedailleOne account which you can access from the home page of the Medaille College website.
Once I’m registered, what if I want
to change my schedule?
Meet with Student Services for
any changes to your schedule!
What else can Student Services do for you?
Enrollment Verifications
Loan Deferrment Paperwork
Assist with Collaborative Learning Team issues
Process Withdrawals and Leave of Absences
Student Services
Contact Information
Amherst & Online Fax: 716-631-1380
Rochester Fax: 585-272-0057
Amherst campus

Rochester campus
Amherst & Online: 716-631-1061
Rochester: 585-270-0030
30 Wilson Rd
Williamsville, NY 14221
1880 South Winton Road, Suite One
Rochester, NY 14618
Bring a Good Attitude
Attendance is mandatory
Be On Time
Career Institute Standards of Dress & Behavior
Lifeskill Projects turned in on due date
Participate in Class
Have Respect for Classmates
Have Respect for Mentor/Teachers
No smoking or vaping. Only in designated area.
The Decade of Decisions

Americas Job Center (Orientation Checklist Explanations)
15555 Main St Ste G4
Hesperia, Ca. 92395
658 E. Brier Dr. #100
San Bernardino, Ca. 92408
9650 Ninth St.
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. 91730
Why are learning teams so important?
CNA; EMT; Cust. Serv.; Fin. Free; Classes
Participant Participation

Career Institute

Career Mentor

This orientation is for participants new to the Career Institute. You will be guided in Career, Education and Life Planning. This program is funded by the Federal Department of Labor and Administered by the County of San Bernardino Workforce Development Department. We expect you to be an active participant in this process by taking advantage of every event, opportunity and learning experience that comes your way.

Welcome to The Career Institute!
Thank you for taking part in this orientation!

Your success here at Medaille College is important to all of us! Good luck!
If you have any questions or concerns, contact us!
We work as team to reach Success!
Grades are updated weekly during your time in the CNA, EMT, Customer Service, Financial Freedom and Career Mentor meetings. If you are struggling with lectures or clinicals in either CNA or EMT, check with your instructor to see how you can improve.

Jana Shearer/ Career Mentor:
I have been at this job for 7 years. My job is very rewarding and I enjoy helping guide the young adults to a career and educational path.
Emotional Control
Relationship with God
Value System
Dating/Marriage/ Children
Lifelong Learning
Professional Training
Costs of Living
Checking/ Savings
Computer Skills
Customer Service
Community Service
Professional Development
Vocational Training
Advanced Training
Promotable Employee
Time Management
Time for yourself
These training classes are offered to you for FREE because of tax payer dollars. Therefore, it is expected that you attend ALL classes ON TIME and without leaving early. These classes are state-mandated by the State of California.

So who will be the top students in the C.N.A.and E.M.T.
It is all up to YOU!!!!!

Career Mentor meetings will be held at at the Reach Center on Tuesday at 2:00 pm.

* Participants receive a certification in Customer Service from the National Retail Federation
*This is a 12 hour class
*Cost is $200, but as a Career Institute participant you will be receiving it for FREE
Weekly Mentoring Meetings
are Mandatory

We will meet every Tuesday . Time to be announced. At this time we will discuss a new topic each week, discuss life skill projects and work readiness skills. Mandatory A Game, Customer Service and Financial Freedom classes will taught.

C.N.A. and E.M.T.
Photography is one of my hobbies.
5. Making Great Choices Please list 3 on form
Focus Your Energy like a Laser Beam
Avoid Distractions
Stay Motivated
Have a Problem-Solvina Attitude
Hours are mandated by the
State of California for the CNA and EMT Certificates.
Missing class is unacceptable. You must attend all mentor meetings too.
Customer Service
How to use your Global Cash Card
activate your card at www.globalcashcard.com
You do not have to climb this mountain alone. We have a College Specialist at Career Institute to assist you with enrolling into college. Advanced education is invaluable. We want success for all our students and expect college to be part of your plan. You will be meeting with Georgia Burckel to plan your college experience.
4. Youth Individual Service Strategy Plan (ISS)
3. Orientation Check Off List
1. The Million Dollar Moment
2. Program Orientation

E Hired
If you have a facebook, please be mindful of what you put on it. Employers look at potential employees facebooks to see if a person would be a match for their company. Jobs are lost because of inappropriate things on facebook and other social media outlets.
*Sign Potential
Participant Form
Imagine.....Job Leads emailed to you directly
Research.....Specific detail about jobs of interest
Quickly.....Apply for the jobs through the Internet
Understand.....Local job market in real time
Identify.....Your next job promotion
Analyze.....What Employers are looking for
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