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Allie Goldstein

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Opportunities for Alumni Engagement
Additional Features
Objectives for Today:
HEP History with Online Learning
Proposed Online M.Ed. in Higher Education
Students can pursue a combined M.Ed. and Certificate in Institutional Research

Additional certificates/areas of emphasis are envisioned in teaching/learning, academic advising, online learning administration, and development/philanthropy

Internships or directed study for credit option as electives

Capstone course includes e-portfolio and writing for publication
Online Innovations in the Higher Education Program (HEP) and Curricular Engagement for Alumni
Growth of Online Learning
Fred Loomis and Allie Goldstein
November 8, 2013

Online learning research and evaluation -- 1997-2000 Sloan Grant to Outreach (Terenzini, Upcraft)
Graduate Certificate in Institutional Research
Initiated by Fred Volkwein in 2005 with funding from the Association for Institutional Research
Six IR courses created by Volkwein, Terenzini, and Graduate Assistants (Harper, Yin, Zhou, Dooris, others)
John Cheslock leads program from 2010 to present
664 enrollments and 50 students received certificates
Academic Leadership Academy
with strong alumni involement (technology topics and online webinars throughout the year)
Review the history of online learning in the Higher Education Program (HEP)
Share proposed online learning innovations in the HEP (M.Ed. degree and graduate certificates)
Brainstorm opportunities for alumni engagement
Small program historically (10-12 students/year)
Goal: increase enrollments to 50 new students/year
Tuition/Fees Cost:
(compared to
at Drexel)
30 graduate credits with 4 required courses:
Professional Seminar
Higher Education in the United States
Foundations of Institutional Research
Capstone (with e-portfolio defense)
6 elective courses; students choose area of emphasis in administration, student engagement, or institutional research
Residential program will continue for students attending full-time (1 year) or for University Park employees attending part-time
Online M.Ed. proposed by faculty and supported by Dean Monk; partnership developed with World Campus with strong support from Higher Education faculty
Curricular proposal and plan developed
Proposal reviewed by Graduate School committtees
Online course development with World Campus
Spring marketing and Fall program launch with projected cohort of 25 students

To be the premier masters degree program in preparing students for a variety of professional careers in higher education.
Proposed Online M.Ed. in Higher Education:
(2011). Going the distance: Online education in the united states. Sloan Consortium.

Collaborative Development and Credentialing
Center for Innovation in Online Learning
Grant Proposal
Opportunities for Alumni Engagement
Referring student prospects
Providing feedback or contributing to course curricula/topics/case studies/assignments
Guest presentations in your area of expertise
Video presentations on career paths
Being interviewed by students for Pro Seminar course
Serving as a mentor (can include participating in capstone portfolio defense)
Future Opportunities
Collaboration with other CoE graduate programs (comparative/international, educational leadership, adult education, learning design, workforce education, special education, Humphrey Fellows)
Collaboration with professional associations (e.g. AIR) and Higheredjobs.com
Collaboration with World Campus on international opportunities
International outreach opportunities (Brazil, China, India)
Provide Advice
on Curricula
Video or
on career paths
Guest Lecture
a course
Teach or
a course
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