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Washington D.C

No description

Cecily Stewart

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Washington D.C

Jefferson Memorial The memorial was built to honor Thomas Jefferson the author of The Declaration of Independance Changes were made to the memorial because ,after WWII restrictions on the use of metal were lifted so the statue that was once plaster is now bronze. The basin in front of the memorial was reclaimed from The Potomac River. The second shipment of Cherry trees is planted in front of the memorial becuase the first shipment of trees from Japan arrived dead. Before his political success Jefferson was a lawyer. a writer and an architect. Under George Washington Jefferson was the Secretary of State. Jeffersons greatest achievement was the Louisiana Purchase. Jefferson wanted to be remembered for his authorship on the Declaration of Independance, founding of the University of Virgina, and responsibility of Viriginia's state of Religous Freedom. The Washington Monument The arcitect was Pierre Charles L'Enfant and his design called for a neoclassical obelisk. The monument stands 555 feet tall and weighs 91,000 tons. After the Civil war the society was put into the hands of the Republican party. There are a total of 192 memorial stones. George Washington is referred to as the "father" of the country. He was the commander of the Contiental Army and the President of the Constitutional Convention. he was the Fisrt President of the United States. The "Toga George" statue was first placed in the Capitol Rotunda and know is placed in the American Natural History Museam. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial He was the only president to serve 3 terms in office His memorial covers 8 acres and has 4 outdoor rooms Roosevelt requested that his memorial be "a block of marble about the size of his desk." Roosevelt was stricken with polio ten years before going into office. The "Breadline" sculpture shows the sorrowful faces reflecting the hard times of the Great Depression. Roosevelt created the TVA, a water canal. Elanor Roosevelt took over office while her husband was sick, she is honored in the memorial. World War II The World War II memorial is dedicated
to the service of dead service men and women. A wall of granite represents the sacrifice of 405,000 American lives. The 56 granite columns show the unity of 48 states, 8 federal territories, and the more than 400,000 lives lost. On May 12, 1942, congress passed a bill creating the Womens Army Auxilary Corps, also known as the WAAC's Korean War Veterans Memorial There are 19 cast stainless steel statues. They average 7' 3" tall and represent an ethnic cross section of America. The statues reflected in black granite wall. This gives us a total of 38 images. The number 38 represents the 38th parallel as well as the 38 months of the war. The Korean Conflice has often been called the "forgotten war." Vietnam Veterans Memorial Dedicated on; November 13, 1982 It was designed by Maya Ying Lin - from Athins, Ohio. Statues were added to the memorial sight as a compromise to the controversy sourronding the wall design. The Veitnam Memorial did not use government funds . A "+" next to a name on the wall represents that a person is missing or unaccounted for. A diamond next to a person's name represents that the person's death was confirmed. A circle put around a "+" means the person came back alive. A plus turned into a diamond means a person was offically declared dead (with the return of their remains) 8 women are listed on the wall . Sharon Lane is the only one from Ohio. United States Marine Memorial This sculpture is usually called the Iwo Jima Memorial The Battle of Iwo Jima is important because it was the first long-range bombing on Japan. This even took place on Mount Suribachi Joe Rosenthal took a picture of this event. John Bradley was a Navu hospital corpsmen. He is included in the statue. Henry Oliver Hasnen is a marine immortalized in this statue. The base of this memorial is 10 feet high while the statues stand 32 feet high. The flagpole is 60 feet high. The rifle carried by one of the figures is 16 feet long and the canteen can hold 32 quarts of water. The flags that flew over Mount Suribachi are now at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Lincoln Memorial 77 years after he died Lincoln's memorial was complete. Henry Bacon was the architect of the memorial and Daniel Chester French sculpted the main statue of Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was the 16 president of the United States. His goal was to reunite the Union after a long and bloody Civil war. The Reflecting Pool is between Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. The Reflecting Pool was 2,029 feet long. Counting the steps of the Lincoln Memorial will NOT give you the age of Lincoln at his death. Marion Anderson Sang on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial because the Daughters of the American Revolution would not let sing in their Hall becuase she was an African American. The Air Force Memorial was opened to the public in 1954. Air Force Memorial Three stainless steel spires soar into the air representing the Bomb Bursst Maneuver and the spirit of Air Force. The Honor Guard Statue is 8 feet tall and represents men and women in the force. Pentagon 9/11 Memorial The Pentagon 9/11 Memorial was opened to the public on September 11,2008. One cantilevered bench was placed for each of the 184 persons that died. Each bench weighs 1000 pounds and is 14 feet long. A limestone block was cut from the damaged walls of the Pentagon. It is called the Zero line and was placed at the gateway area of the memorial. It reads September 11, 2007, 9:37 AM. Reading the victims' name on a bench, you would know if they were on Flight 77, because you look up and see the reflection. Arlington Cemetery Arlington Cemetery is not located in the District Of Columbia. It's located in Virginia and you cross Memorial Bridge to enter the main gate. The Lees occupied the house from 1831 until 1861, never to return again. The property was confiscated because the Lees' wife did not pay taxes. Robert E. Lee never owned Arlington Cemetery, therefore he did not hold the land title. He was a custodian. The Arlington Estate had fallen into despair before Robert returned to excute his father. At the Arlington House the flag flies "half-staff" Monday through Friday because of the number of burials. The size of the Arlington Cemetery in 1864 was 200 acres, today it is 612 acres. The discription on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier says, "Here lies in honored glory an American Soldier known but to God." The most decorated soldier during WWII buired at Arlington Cemetery is Audie Murphy. President William Taft and John F. Kennedy are buried at Arlington Cemetery.
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