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Autumn leaves

G4 summative assesment

Amelia Vaaranmaa

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves
by: Amelia Vaaranmaa Natural phenomena My Personal thoughts
about autumn leaves The positive and negative affects
of autumn leaves One positive affect of autumn leaves is
that you know winter is near so it's going to snow in a month (or more). A negative affect of the autumn leaves is that you know that
the weather gets cold and you must dress up
more warmly (that might get someone really annoyed). When I'm in a place were there
is a lot of autumn leaves I feel like
I'm in a paradise, the colors are so wonderful!
Autumn leaves make me feel so relaxed because
the colors are so soft... The color of
autumn leaves
Autumn leaves are the shade of
orange, yellow, purple and red.
They drop from the tree
when the weather is cold. What makes the color?
Carotene makes the orange and yellow color.
Carotene is in the leaf the whole year though you can't see it
in spring or summer.
Anthrocynanin makes the red color. Unlike carotene it isn't in the leaf the whole year. Bibliography 1000 things you should know about plants John Farndon
www.wikipedia.com THANK YOU FOR LISTENING
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