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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

No description

Laura Randazzo

on 4 December 2017

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Transcript of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre
First, 90-seconds of background:
press play
So, let's talk about that stage...
Used the Greek theater traditions
All-male cast
Believed fate can't be escaped
Use of chorus
History of Theater in Europe
500-1000 A.D. – Theater banned by church
Too rude
Too crude
Too likely to tempt people to
years before traveling acting troupes start putting on shows throughout Europe
Globe Theatre opened

Owned by James Burbage

Shakespeare and four other actors would soon invest in the theater
Shakespeare's troupe, Lord Chamberlain's Men, perform Richard II, first time at the Globe.
Globe burns to the ground after a cannon misfire during a performance of Henry VIII sets thatched roof on fire.
Globe is rebuilt, but with a tile (instead of thatch) roof
Globe – and all theaters – closed by the Puritans, who hate the productions. Just a hotbed for sinners, they believe.
Puritans destroy the Globe and build houses on the site.
Rebuilt near original site. Now a major tourist destination and
working theater.
Next time you're in London, go here:
Ingenious Structure

"Heaven" (fake stage roof with trap doors)
"Hell" (stage floor with trap doors)
Stage Blood (blood-filled animal bladders)
Minimal Scenery and Props
Ornate Costumes (usually donated by wealthy benefactors)
Featured Special Effects
Let's take a look around...
press play
Want to buy a ticket?
Back then:
1 penny = Standing-room ticket (Groundlings)
2 pennies = Seat (Gentry)
3 pennies = Seat with a cushion (Gentry)

Keep in mind, a penny was about one-sixth of a working man's daily wage. So, tickets were pretty affordable. Better than today...
Tickets for a hot Broadway show:
$75 – cheapest balcony seat
$325 – mid-level seat
$600 – orchestra (best seating)
Not quite as affordable...
What's playing
Red flag? A history
White flag? A comedy
Black flag? A tragedy
Any questions?
Now, it's time to make your own Globe Theatre...
Get your scissors and glue ready.
Let's make Will proud.
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