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Qirstyn Bhreanne Joves

on 21 November 2014

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"Think of soda as liquid candy. Think of fast food as tasty poison"-Dr. Sheehy
Children Obesity in California
How Obesity is Affecting San Francisco
Organizations That Fight Against Obesity
In San Francisco, around 79% of high school students are not participating in high school physical activities and clubs (CDC, 2013).
San Francisco teens need motivation to push them to exercise
Otherwise they will grow up as unhealthy adults who have to deal with many medical issue that should not occur until their early forties.
diabetes, higher chance of getting heart failure, and potentially a stroke.
More future generations of children will face these kinds of problems.

Our schools are not providing children a nutritious meal and beverages that are appetizing for young people.
Only 30% of schools are offering both fruits and non-fried vegetables to high school students (CDC, 2013).
a major issue in San Francisco since our high schools and other schools should assist children to have a bright future
If the San Francisco school district provided a tasty, good looking, and vitamin pack lunch then obesity rates will decrease.
One of the organizations that our group visited is program from UCSF called COAST (Center for Obesity Assessment, Study, and Treatment) whose mission is to help lower obesity rates in children and understand what influences obesity.
Do research with other professors from universities such as UC Berkeley, Stanford, and UCLA
Reasearch how people become obese such as eating behavior, dietaru intakes, and stress factors
Thursday,November 20, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
About Childhood Obesity
is defined as having excess body weight for a particular height from fat, muscle, bone, water, or a combination of these factors.
is defined as having excess body fat."

1 in 3 American children are obese or overweight.
tripled since 1963

Health factors in the long run
type 2 diabetes
high blood pressure

Psychological factors
low self-esteem
More of an understanding of how people are becoming obese and the many dangers that come with it
Informs San Franciscans to know how to prevent obesity and ways to prevent children becoming obese such as eating more fruits and vegetables
Changing the lunch plans for some schools and developing ways for children to become active.
In California nearly 1/3rd of children are becoming overweight (Children Now, 2014).
In 2013, 41% of high school students are playing computer games for more than three hours a school day (CDC).
29.2% of college students in 2011 (CDC)
How do these Organizations Benefit S.F.

Don’t be a Roly poly! Be in the Game! Stay FIT!

COBA started around the 1980's.
Made an impact around the U.S and spread the word about child obesity.
Conference each year in the bay area to develop plans and actions against obesity.
professional guest speakers and attendees to provide an education. research, and activism against obesity
Our Goals
To provide a way to make exercising fun for children
To spread the word about:
the dangers of Obesity (Obesity can lead to cholesterol and other heart problems)
COBA and other organizations that educate children about Obesity
How They Help
These goals help:
to increase support for organizations,such as COBA and Coast.
kids to live a more healthy lifestyle, with a balance of exercise and sustenance.
helps kids in the long run
How We Plan to Help
Jamie Oliver Alice Waters
fund local activities, projects and events
promote alternative to the industrial system
Organic instead of GMOs
support farmers markets, school and community gardens and debates on common cause and the food system
help fund research
"Our kids are growing up overweight and malnourished from a diet of processed foods, and today's children will be the first generation ever to live shorter lives than their parents."
Obesity comes from the loss of cooking skills at home
too much processed foods at school cafeterias
He wants to promote to cook at home more, fresh cooked meals at school
lesson teaching for children at a young age
On the Food Revolution:
started a garden at MLK Middle School in Berkeley, CA in 1995
built a teaching kitchen that could become tools for enriching the curriculum and life of the school community
grow, harvest, and prepare nutritious, seasonal produce
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Parents Set the Examples for their Children!
Talking with their child now can help put them in a path toward better health
"Parents are a kids' number one role model"
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