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Dinosaurs By Adam

No description

Mr J Daykin

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Dinosaurs By Adam

This is a prezi about dinosaurs
When scientists talk of Dinosaurs,they mean a special kind
of creature that lived on land during the triassic,jurassic,or cretaceous period. But alot of people say 'Dinosaur' when they mean any prehistoric creature,such as sea creatures
or pteradactyls.


A group of reptiles from the late Permian Period (archosaurs) became the best hunters on land. By the Triassic period (around 200 million years ago) these reptiles developed special features in their skulls and had a more upright body with their legs under their body. This made them dinosaurs.
The Smartest Dinosaur was ... The Troodon! Scientists measure smartness by figuring out how big an animal compared to its body. This is called "encephalization quotient."
The Fastest Dinosaur was ... Coelophysis and other Ornithomimosaurs. Scientists think these dinosaurs ran up to 30 miles per hour for short distances!
The Biggest Dinosaurs were: Saurpods. Seismosaurus was 165 feet long . Arentinosaurus was the heaviest at 100 tons. The Brachiosaurus was 39 feet high (which helped it reach branches in trees). Giganotosaurus was the largest hunting dinosaur, at 46 feet long and up to 8 tons!
By Adam
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