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English Form 4 - Flame

No description

Diana Khairuddin

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of English Form 4 - Flame

English Literature Form 4 - Flame by
Clare West
(Leaving No Footprints - Stories from Asia)

Plot Summary
Central Hospital, Peace Avenue, Nimei’s house, Snake Mouth Lake, school playground
Tuesday afternoon, autumn , five-thirty in the evening

Love's flame
Nimei towards Hsu Peng's love was concealed since Nimei had to marry Jiang Bing, but now the love's flame was reignite for Hsu Peng's letter.
Physical: thick and roundish body, fat face, wore glasses, grey hair
Bossy, obedient,
Hsu Peng
High army commissioner, Nimei's ex lover, have grudge against Nimei
Jiang Bing
Loves Nimei,
Nimei’s mother
Old school, loves her son-in-law

Moral Values
Be thankful for what you have

Nimei never pleased with her husband's unchanging economy and therefore, she always treat him poorly. Despite of having a happy family, she still hope to reconcile with her ex lover, making efforts just to bring old memories back
Nimei received a letter from her ex lover, Hsu Peng after 17 years of getting married which stir up excitement in Nimei’s feeling

Rising Action
She started to take care her appearance more and her house by doing some exercises, dyeing her hair, putting down a brick floor for her yard and bought two large pot of wild roses

Nimei achieve her target by asking Director Liao for her husband’s promotion which makes her felt more confidence to meet Hsu Peng

Falling Action
During the expected visiting day, Hsu Peng didn’t show up but sending a parcel and oil container through his subordinates.

Nimei felt disappointed and resentful because Hsu Peng literally get his revenge by breaking up with her.

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

- Understand the meaning of the title and a brief
outline of the story.

- Understand the major features of literacy elements in the short story

Nimei received a letter from her ex lover, Hsu Peng after seventeen years telling his attention to visit her and her family. Due to that, Nimei thought Hsu Peng’s intentions are to seek revenge because Nimei got married to other guy or simply because Hsu Peng want to get together again with her. Therefore, Nimei work hard to make her life more better than past as she didn’t want to that Hsu peng see her life nowShe start to go exercise everyday and arrange and garden to appear more presentable to Hsu Peng. At the end of the story, Hsu didn't show up instead of ordering two soldiers to bring the parcel and the container oil to her that eventually broke her heart which had already filled with expectation.
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