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ENS Presentation

Emergency Notification

Ray C

on 28 May 2009

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Transcript of ENS Presentation

Emergency Notification System Emergency Notification (ENS) Background and Overview

ENS in Action

Technical Details/Support

Questions/Answers May 27, 2009 Agenda Definition of Emergency Notification
System (General Term) Why the ENS? Emergency Notification System (ENS) is software that allows for broadcasting of emergency messages through a wide range
of mediums such as email, text messaging, video display projectors, tv messages, and VOIP ensure the safety of all staff, facutly and students on the UVic Campus
prompted by the Virginia Tech University slaying in April 16, 2007 and other life threatening incidents that have occurred on other campuses Communication Mediums
The five mediums are:
1) Exchange Email
2) Bulk Email
3) SMS Text Message
4) Voice Over IP
5) Voicemail Exchange Email
instant email reception of about 30 secs or less for those users who are on Exchange
small portion of UVic community have exchange accounts
slowly migrating non-Exchange users to have Exchange user accounts Bulk Email (for non-Exchange email user accounts)
includes @uvic.ca and external email providers such as hotmail, yahoo, and gmail
sent on level of priority based on type of email address
speed of recieving for @uvic.ca email accounts will depend on the smtp.uvic.ca email server queue (1 hr for about 18,000 emails)
SMS Text Message
calls an external Web Service provided by the vendor SMS Gateway, located in Ontario, to send out text messages
receiving a text message may take 1-5 minutes -- depends on cell phone provider Level of Priority
1) Non @uvic.ca accounts (ie gmail.com or yahoo.com etc)

2) @xxxx.uvic.ca accounts (ie name@csc.uvic.ca or name@business.uvic.ca

3) @uvic.ca accounts (ie name@uvic.ca) Voice Over IP
calls an internal Web Service developed by the NETS team to send out the message to UVic employee telephones
receiving the message over the phone should be within a few minutes What is a Web Service
a function that accepts parameters that is available for access by other systems or applications through the internet
transmission is sent through XML format Voicemail
Currently not being used, but may be used in the future Technical Details/Support Packages Tables MV_UVIC_ALL - Shows active faculty, staff, and currently registered student information such as name, email address and cell phone numbers -- this is based on the SPRIDEN, SPRADDR, SPRTELE, and GOREMAL tables on the reporting stack Materialized Views Support Information Contact Ron Kozsan (subject matter expert) for more information about the ENS

Email SMS Gateway at contact@smsgateway.ca for any problems relating to text messaging ENS in Action Creating a group and adding users to the group
Creating a template used for the creation of the emergency notification message
Sending out the emergency notification message ENSYSTEM.ENS_ERROR_LOG - Stores any error messages that have occurred

ENSYSTEM.ENS_PARAMETERS - Stores the information for the Exchange user account and server information

ENSYSTEM.ENS_WEBSERVICE - Stores the URLs for the Web Services used for this application

ENSYSTEM.MESSAGE_BULK_EMAIL - Shows the number of bulk emails that have been sent and whether the emails sent have been completed 1) ENSYSTEM.PKG_REFRESH - Refreshes the tables that store the emails and telephone numbers for students, staff, and faculty

2) ENSYSTEM.PKG_TEMPLATE - Creating the templates used for the sending out the emergency broadcast message

3) ENSYSTEM.PKG_MESSAGE - Creating and sending out of the emergency broadcast message

4) ENSYSTEM.SOAP_API - Creating the XML transmission to communicate with the Web Service Questions??? Full Scale Tests Campus Security has conducted 2 full-scale tests so far: 1) Nov 2008 and 2) Feb 2009
will conduct another test of the ENS in the fall of 2009
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