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Team Gir Hackathon Presentation

No description

Amanda Leah

on 8 February 2015

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Transcript of Team Gir Hackathon Presentation

Project One: Cylon Hats
Project Two: Star Trek Communicator
Project Three: Color Scavenger Hunt
AdaFruit Gemma Microcontroller
NeoPixel Strip
AdaFruit NeoPixel Library
Indexing NeoPixels with C++
New Experience : Coding with Arduino
Change out earbuds for speakers
Tear out button for badge button
Code to handle calling for Android
Dealt with a very finicky API - Android Studio
New Experience: Tearing apart headphones, coding in Java, coding for mobile apps
AdaFruit Flora microcontroller
AdaFruit Neopixel Ring
Color sensor
AdaFruit Neopixel library and color sensor library
Creating a loop that runs the color sensor and the pixels together
Changing the NeoPixels given color sensor input
New Experience: Facilitating communication between different hardware types
Color Grabbing
Scavenger Hunt
Team Gir
A. Leah Zulas
Mackenzie Meade
Erin Mullen
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