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Breathless ( A Bout de Souffle)

By: Peter Mahaffey, Monica Bartley, Katy Finnegan, Mollie Malone

Peter Mahaffey

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Breathless ( A Bout de Souffle)

Breathless Context Genre Editing Sex and Sex Mélange of genres
Film Noir
Black Comedy/Satire
Romance Michel is a misogynist, he likes to lift up skirts and ask for sex
Michel's motivations seem to be to sleep with Patricia
Michel and Patricia discuss sex and number of lovers
The author states that a woman may love an infinite number of men
Breaks standard treatment of sex in film By Peter Mahaffey, Monica Bartley, Mollie Molumby, and Katy Finnegan Nationale 7 sequence
Eisensteinian influence
‘My starting point is documentary to which I try to add the truth of fiction. That's why I've always worked with professional actors.’
Conventional story
25 minute bedroom scene
Iris, dissolve
Mise en scene, film about filmmaking Patricia turns Michel in because she does not love him
Unlike Michel's story, Patricia has no allegiance to Michel
Patricia controls the narrative
Patricia decides when to have sex with Michel
Wearing clothes of opposite sexes in bedroom scene
Patricia rising up social ladder, Michel stagnate
Michel cannot communicate to Patricia Sources Breathless (1960)
Godard's first feature length film
One of the most influential of French New Wave
Co-written by Truffaut
Cahiers du Cinema crtitic Rejected:
3 part narrative structure
Narrative closure
Expectations of narrative
Clear protagonists
Work Brechtian in style
Representation of reality, not reality itself
Active Spectatorship
Sensational and banal
Wells, Amanda Sheahan. A Bout De Souffle: Director Jean-Luc Godard. Harlow: Longman, 2000. Print. Cook, David A. A History of Narrative Film. New York: Norton, 1981. Print.
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