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Montana Children & Nature Initiative, MEEA Conference Presentation, 2013

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Amanda Obery

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Montana Children & Nature Initiative, MEEA Conference Presentation, 2013

The Scope of
Outdoor & Nature Education
in Montana

A Survey of
Available Programming

Scope of Nature & Outdoor
Schools Committee
Schools Committee
Goals of the Initiative
Vision for the Future
Montana Children & Nature
Generate and embed significant, impactful nature education and outdoor programs and curriculum in the Montana School systems.
Getting Montanans Outside
Families feel safe, parents encourage kids, and kids and families choose to get outside and play, recreate, hunt, fish, and view wildlife. Screen time diminishes and outdoor time increases.
Montana Stewardship
Every child has direct experience and knowledge of Montana's natural heritage, proficiency in outdoor skills, and understands connection between our natural and human communities.
Montana Children and Nature Initiative is a state-wide collaboration of public and private partners working to promote healthy kids and families and build leaders and stewards by connecting kids with nature, supporting place-based education and getting families outside.
Montanans have a sense of place, increased connection to nature and are leaders for and stewards of our natural heritage
Though some lists exists, there lacks a comprehensive database of available outdoor & nature education programming.

The survey has four goals:
1) the current reach,
2) the nature of the programming and/or teaching,
3) the barriers to nature and outdoor education in Montana,
4) how to expand current ventures.
Survey was sent to public school teachers in the 40 largest cities in Montana, any private school with over 100 students and was sent to all organizations registered through MEEA. Efforts to reach all K-12 teachers and any person/organization that are involved in nature and outdoor education continue.
Demographic Information
Next Steps for the Survey
Continue to promote the survey to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the current programming both formally and informally, both in person and online.
Begin to thoroughly analyze the data to ascertain within group differences and track down contact information for the individuals.
Next Steps for the Schools Committee
Begin to research current efforts to identify excellent and innovative practices within outdoor & nature education.
Obtain information about current programs to establish a searchable database for the public to find opportunities to get their children involved.
Moving Forward
Current Efforts
Create snapshot of current resources
Ascertain nature & scope of available programming
Understand current barriers to outdoor & nature education
Begin to formulate Best Practices and professional development opportunities
Establish baseline data on outdoor and nature programming in Montana
Identify best practices
Support, recognize, and expand excellent and innovative programs
Identify avenues to assist and impact policy
Member Organizations
Montana Environmental Education Association
Montana Office of Public Instruction
Montana Audubon
Montana Outdoor Science School
Montana Natural History Center
Indian Education For All
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Missoula Children & Nature
USDA Forest Service
National Park Service
Montana Department of Public Health and Human Service
Montana Office of Tourism
Montana State Parks
Missoula City/County Health Department
Montana Nutrition and Physical Activity Program
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