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Massachusetts PM

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on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Massachusetts PM

Massachusetts PM
Economic Location
this is technology highway also Route 128
Historic Location
Plymouth is the original landing place of the pilgrims who came on the mayflower
Geographic Location
Bunker hill is a little hill called a drumlin.
Political Location
Boston is the capital of Massachusetts
Choice Location
Interesting Facts
Massachusetts's Economy
Massachusetts's History
Massachusetts's Geography
Massachusetts's Government
Road Trip Distance
without Massachusetts, there would be no united states
it is also a scene of a battle in the revolutionary war
this is a political map of bunker hill
Boston was a key city in the American Revolution
Boston has more than 100 schools for higher learning
Boston has a citgo sign with a neon tube of over 5 miles in length
Route 128 was originally named Yankee division highway for the 26th infantry division
it was constructed in 1927
Along this highway, there are thousands of technological jobs hence the name "America's technology highway"
only 51 of original 102 celebrated the first thanksgiving
the people left Europe because they wanted to have religious freedom
our historic location is Plymouth
there are islands off the coast of Massachusetts.
there is a mountain with an elevation of 3,491 feet
our choice location is Harvard institution in Cambridge MA
the Harvard library has over 15,000,000 books
Harvard is the oldest school for higher learning in America
Harvard has over 20,000 students enrolled
Drumlins are everywhere in Massachusetts
Massachusetts was the 6th commonwealth (state) to be formed
It is illegal to make clam chowder with tomatoes in Massachusetts
it is also illegal to have goatee unless you own a special permit in Massachusetts
There is a law that says you can not snore, unless all of your windows and doors are locked
Fig Newtons were not named after Isaac Newton, but Newton Massachusetts
The first Dunkin' Doughnuts was established in MA
This is Lake Webster, its real name is Chargoggagoggmanchauggaggogachaubunagungamaugg
The Boston subway system was the first, not NYC
The Boston cream pie is actually more of a cake not a pie
the state's official drink is cranberry juice, because of its economic importance
originally relied on fishing and weaving.
Starting in 1970 technology became a major resource for the economy
Massachusetts produces 25% of all cranberrys grown in the nation and half of all the scallops produced in the nation.
oldest public school system in the nation
Dr.Seuss and Ben Franklin were both born in MA
first state to outlaw slavery
MA is 10,555 sq. miles in area, making it the 44th smallest state in the USA
It is also covered in swamps and rivers
One other land feature is heavily forested mountains
MA has a democratic governor
there are also 2 democratic senators
finally, there are 9 democratic US representatives
this is a physical map it shows the features of land
this is a climate map, which shows the weather patterns in certain places
This is a road map,it shows where highways are
economic maps show where different resources are
route 128 to Plymouth=32 mi.
Plymouth to bunker hill=32 mi.
bunker hill to Boston=4 mi.
Boston to Harvard=8mi.
Harvard to WCE=1,960 mi.
total mi.=2,036
and over 136,000 alumnai(graduates), including my grandfather!
Alexander Graham Bell introduced the telephone in Boston
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