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AdFed 2016

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Transcript of AdFed 2016

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"Age" of Advertising
90-72 yrs
Baby Boomers
71- 55
Gen X 53-43
Gen Y 42-34
Millenials 33-14
Boomlets 13 and under
People born in 3- 5 year gap that overlaps
- Ads in print
- Ads during newscasts
- Has it worked in past?
- Friend recommendations

The problem of a aging demographic
- Don't greet them
- Get irritated when they hand you a credit card instead of swipe it
- Have it where the only option is to go online/ email
- Only have young people in your ads

How to lose a traditionalist client
Alive and Kicking!
- Since Jan 1, 2010 approx 7,000 Boomers have turned 65 EACH DAY.

- 40% say they plan to "work until they drop"

- 70% say they "have achieved all, or most, of what they wanted to do in life. "

Woelfel Research for AARP
Nov 15, 2015
Have money and WILL spend it
- Television Commercials
- Radio Advertisments
- Direct Mail "Coupons"
- Facebook Ads
- Word of Mouth/ News focus
How to LOSE Boomer Clients

- No "customer service"
- Treat them like their old
- Expect them to go online
- Only have young employees

- Youtube Ads/ Videos
- Facebook Ads
- Email
- Postcard
- Facebook pages
- Blogs

Whatever you've got
Age Range?
Socio-Economic Status?
How to lose a GenX/Y Client
- Don't have a way to order online
- Don't have free shipping
- Don't show them how it helps the whole family
- Talk to them too much in the store
- Avoid social media ads

"Old" Millenials
"Young Millenials"
33 - 25
24- 14
- Facebook videos/ads
- Twitter
- Blogs
- Product placement
- Hulu ads
- Youtube Ads (that you cant click off of)
- Youtube Videos
- Instagram
- SnapChat Feeds
- Facebook "pages"
- Product Placement
How to lose a Millennial
- Dont make it available by smart phone
- Have a lame website
- Advertise too much without going audience specific
- Don't be funny
- Don't be quirky or cool
- Product Placement/ Endorsements
- Youtube Ads
- Funny videos on Youtube
- Word of Mouth
- Ads on shows parents watch
- Make it too expensive
- Make parents worry it could hurt them in some way
- Don't make it funny/ corny
How to lose a Boomlet
www KristinScroggin.com
Link-in with me!
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