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Famous Hungarian inventors

Belgian-Hungarian project 2013

Balazs Toth

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Famous Hungarian inventors

Belgian-Hungarian project 2013 Famous Hungarian inventors János Irinyi Hungarian chemist
his invention: safety match János Neumann Hungarian mathematician
already intelligent in his childhood: doing sum's in head Charles Simonyi Hungarian software-developer and famous spacetourist Péter Goldmark Hungarian-American engineer and physicist presentation by Laura Kató, Balázs Tóth and Mihály Katona its working principle: the flammable substance flames up while rubbing it on the red phosphorous special flammable substance on the end of the match red phosphorous (John von Neumann) inventions of Neumann:
Neumann-principle (also used nowadays) died in Washington (his tomb can be found in Princeton) another interesting facts about Neumann:
his name is preserved by a moon crater and also by a small planet John von Neumann with his computer, the EDVAC in his teenage he has written lots of programs one of his works got purchased by a big company
= the start of his career, moving to the USA, changing the name (originally Károly Simonyi) got a job by Bill Gates at Microsoft (developing Word, Excel)
greatest achievements: object-oriented programming, virtual computer 1st Hungarian spacetourist, 5th and then 7th on ISS inventor of the color TV Péter Goldmark in work; developing the color display and television László József Bíró Hungarian inventor several inventions, ideas and achievements ballpoint pen working principle: dope ink inside the ball automatic shifter roll-on deodorant another important inventions: washing machine, which gets the energy from vapour in the cooking stove
electromagnetic transfer-equipment (the Japanese magnetic train is based on that idea)
bottle-label printer
valance (on that the curtain is hanged) Ányos Jedlik Hungarian scientist, tutor and inventor original name: István Jedlik; "Ányos" got at the Benedictes inventing dynamo-principle: generating electronic direct current from mechanic energy inventing the soda water (carbonated water) Ernő Rubik mechanical engineer and architect (Kossuth-prized) world's favourite game: Rubik's cube another inventions:
magic squares
Rubik's snake Magic squares solving record: 5,55 sec (!!) by Mats Valk from Belgium in March 2013 Dénes Gábor Hungarian physicist inventing holography, holograms
(Nobel-prized) Holography Ödön Riszdorfer airscout of the Hungarian Army in the I. World War task: take photographs from the air bad quality of the pictures, unsatisfying lights inventing an equipment for setting the lights for photographing + inventing half-automatic camera Albert Szent-Györgyi inventor of the Vitamin C strange story of inventing:
putting a pepper in the pocket at dinner and studying it Tivadar Puskás met Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone in America idea of hooking up two separated phones into a center = inventing the telephone centres 1st telephone centre also inventing the ancestor of radio, where his death was announced telephone center some years later Marcell Jánosi Hungarian mechanical engineer, inventor of the ancestor of any data storage devices (like CD, DVD) about ~ 1 Mb could be placed on that floppy-drive Ede Teller, inventor of the hydrogen-bomb built the first nuclear reactor
idea of a "super-bomb" via nuclear fusion even hough he had known about the issue, he wasn't able to stop Chernobyl's reactor anymore and it has exploded (Teller-effect) inventing the hydrogen-bomb (same properties, but but bigger destructivity than the nuclear bombs) successful experiment with the bomb on the island of Enwitok, but the island has been lost forever The End :)
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