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Famous Hungarian inventors

Belgian-Hungarian project 2013

Balazs Toth

on 15 March 2017

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Transcript of Famous Hungarian inventors

Famous Hungarian inventors
János Irinyi
Hungarian chemist
his invention: safety match
Charles Simonyi
Hungarian software-developer
Péter Goldmark
Hungarian-American engineer and physicist
presentation by Anna Hierholcz
its working principle:
the flammable substance flames up while rubbing it on the red phosphorous
special flammable substance on the end of the match
red phosphorous
in his teenage he has written lots of programs
.... moving to the USA, changing the name (originally Károly Simonyi)
got a job by Bill Gates at Microsoft -developing Word, Excel
inventor of the color TV
Péter Goldmark in work; developing the color display and television
László József Bíró
Hungarian inventor
several inventions, ideas and achievements
ballpoint pen
working principle:
dope ink inside
the ball
automatic shifter
roll-on deodorant
washing machine
Ernő Rubik
Rubik's cube
mechanical engineer and architect (Kossuth-prized)
Dénes Gábor
Hungarian physicist
inventing holography, holograms
Albert Szent-Györgyi
inventor of the Vitamin C
strange story of inventing:
putting a pepper in the pocket at dinner and studying it
Marcell Jánosi
Hungarian mechanical engineer, inventor of the ancestor of any data storage devices (like CD, DVD)
The End :)
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