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Jenni Martinez

on 1 February 2010

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Transcript of mALCOLM x

Malcolm X Malcolm Little was born on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. Growing up... His father was a minister that followed the black nationalist leader, Marcus Garvey. His family had to keep moving because of racism. They were threatened by the KKK in Nebraska so they moved to Michigan. In Michigan there house was burned down and at the age of six his father was " mysteriously " muredered. When his mother became mentally ill, he was sent to a foster home. His seven siblings were divided among many families. When Malcolm was thirteen he was charged with delinquency and was sent to a juvenile detention. At fifteen he dropped out of school.
Malcolm was living with his sister in Boston, Massachusetts. Malcolm had lots of jobs, he work as a shoeshine boy also as a busboy and waiter. Malcolm went and visted the ghetto he started to wear flashy cloth and jump into gambling, selling drugs and also burglary. When Malcolm moved to New York he did the same thing but it was bigger there, they called him the Detroit Red because of the red shock of hair.Malcolm heat got high with the cops so he moved back to Boston. Prison jfhifff When Malcolm was twenty he was sentenced ten years in prison. In prison he began to change his life. He read books on history, philosophy, and religion. His brother would visit him and tell him about the Black Muslims. Malcolm started studying Muhammad's teachings. Trying to find his religion in prison, he also copied words from the dictionary to help him become a good public speaker. When he was released in 1952, he went to Chicago to meet Muhammad. There he was given the name Malcolm X. He became assistant minister of the Detroit Mosque, the next year he went back to Chicago to study personally under Muhammad. Then he was sent to organize a mosque
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in 1954 he lead the mosque in Harlem. Malcolm became the most visible national spokesman for the Black Muslims.He became a good speaker to them and was able to be debating against the white people which helped to spread the movement message.Malcolm told the African Americans that the preach for the high crime was the cause of African American because they were following the lifestyle of the western, white society.
In 1957, Malcolm X met the youngest black nurse, Bett Jean Sander. She soon became a member of the Black Muslim, Malcolm married her in 1958 and she became Bett Shabazz, they had six daughters. The Black Muslim soon became the national spotlight in 1959. Soon the white people became scared of Malcolm and his message of black supremacy. More than one hundred thousand people joined the Black Muslims in 1960. As the movement reached its climax, there was rumors about Malcolm wanting to take over leadership from Muhammad. Some wanted to force him out of office but others just thought that the jealousy of some Black Muslim leaders was a factor. Malcom said that he saw President Kennedy killed and said" The chickens coming home to roost". After that Muhammad suspended him for ninety days, and he couldn't speak for the movement during that time. Malcolm announced he was leaving the Nation of Islam in 1964.He told them he was starting two new organizations. Malcolm took lots of road trips, he went to Europe and also went to Africa and one time to Mecca, a city in Saudia Arabia that has its holiest city of the Islamic religion.
Malcolm began holding meetings in Harlem at whick they discussed the policies and programs of his new organizations.Then on Sunday February 21, 1965 he began address a meeting and Malcolm was assassinated.
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