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Prussia 1500-1700

No description

Caroline SHEEHAN

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Prussia 1500-1700

Prussia 1500-1700
Brief History
Hohenzollern Family

Frederick William

Military Success & Frederick II

New Ideas and Legacy
New Ideas
Junker class

Fredrick the II
Changed monarchy forever

Albert Honenzollern- April 1525-March 1568

John Sigismund- August 1817-December 1619

Fredrick William- December 1640- August 1688

Fredrick the I April 1688- January 1701
Major Events/Accomplishments
Defeated France
Prussia was divided
Largest and most important German states
Fredrick II
Key Facts and Events, What Changed?
1701 procolomation
1708 plague

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