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Gender and Sexuality

No description

Eric Davis

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Gender and Sexuality

Includes those who are sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex

Includes those who are attracted to members of the same sex
Includes those who are attracted to both men and women
Includes those who appear to be biologically one sex but who identify with the gender of another


Cultural presupposition
that heterosexuality is
appropriate standard for sexual identity and practice and that alternative sexualities are deviant, abnormal, or wrong

Form of ethnocentrism
Differences in sexuality connected to larger systems of power in
which some statuses
are privileged


Denotes our identities
and activities as sexual beings
Sexual expression is situated
within, and an outgrowth of,
existing social, cultural, and historical processes
Sexual orientation

Categories of people
to whom we are
sexually attracted

Gender Role Socialization
Expressions of masculinity and femininity are developed and reinforced through socialization

Boys must be masculine: active, aggressive, tough, daring, and dominant

Girls must be feminine: soft, emotional, sweet, and submissive


*Biological differences
between males and females
*Refers to who we are
as males and females


*Social and cultural significance
we attach to those presumed biological differences
*Refers to what we become
as men and women,
which occurs through

Gender and Sexuality
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