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Hosting a Home Buyers Seminar

No description

Roost Mortgage

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Hosting a Home Buyers Seminar

Create A

Down Payment Layering & Positioning Marketing Materials Real Estate Material Tradeshow Booth Current Mortgage Rates
Business Cards
Home Buyers Plan Info
Credit Approval Info
Different Mortgage Features Info Congratulations! Mortgage Material You've Now Mastered 1st Time Homebuyer
Seminar Basics! Inspirations: Inspirations: Create Event Pick a location Set the Date Advertising and Marketing Hosting Seminars 101 one step at a time. Brought to you by the
Centum Mortgage Lynx Team Click on picture to open Click on picture to open Contacts: First Time
Home Buyers
Seminar http://onlineoffice.century21.ca/ Create Event 1. Contact preferred location to ensure your dates are available 2. Put any required deposits to complete reservation of Location 3. Contact Printer to ensure Materials can be completed before the Event. 4. Contact signage company to reserve lawn signs for week preceeding event 5. Contact Great News Publications to ensure event is in monthly community booklet. Deadlines: to know before you start:

Great News Publishing- 1st day of previous month.
How much notice do need to give printer? Step by Step Checklist 6. Add event to all local community social media IE Websites, Face book etc 7. Create an Event page on Social media profiles and invite all contacts Note: There are regulations surrounding permissions to advertise in communities and on City property. Discuss with local community and with Sign company to ensure best exposure Printed Materials:
Brochure Covers
Information Handouts
Business Cards
Promotional Items-Bags, Pens etc. 8.Invite the Centum Mortgage Lynx Team to participate 9.Decide on a draw item to ensure you get attendee names and contact info 10. Create Checklist and deadlines (Event Planner) of things to do upto and day of event Home Buyers Plan What are we Marketing? Real Estate
Our OWN Business? Promotional Items Business Cards Draw Prizes Local listing Sheets Realtor Profiles How To Stop Renting and Start Owning How To Get Your Kids Out of the House!! How To Help Your Children into Home Ownership Thank you For Participating
Your Feedback is Greatly Appriciated Finding The Right Home-Basics
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