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Dutch Rituals

No description

Courtney/ Abbey

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Dutch Rituals

Dutch Rituals
In Holland, Weddings tend to be huge. This big celebration has tons of food such as sweetmeats called bridal sugar and wine known as bride tears. Also the bride and groom must host a party before the day they say their vows. Most couples plant “life of the valley” flowers to symbolize happiness in there marriage.
Personal Relfection
Sinterklass is celebrated by the Dutch every year on the 5th of December. Some believe Sinterklass to be the origin of Santa Clause. Sinterklaas means Sint Klaas which is Saint Nicholas when translated into English. On December 5th, Dutch families get together and exchange gifts, which is different from what we do here in Canada because we celebrate on the 25th.
Personal thoughts
Sinterklass is important to the dutch culture because it not only shows a sense of originality, but it also shows beliefs of many in the Netherlands. Thus ritual relates to their everyday lives because it makes them believe in something other than a religion.
Traditional food

Traditional Dutch meals are simple and limited in variety. A regular traditional Dutch meal is potatoes, eaten together with either a meat dish or vegetables. Holland is proud of its dairy products, especially the cheese. Every region in the country produces its own variety of cheese and Dutch cheese is exported everywhere around the world. The more popular Dutch cheeses are the Edam, Gouda, and Leiden varieties. Coffee is also an important part of a day in the life of a Dutch person!! The midday coffee break is a everyday tradition, even city workers. Other traditional Dutch drinks are Jenever, Brandewijn and the Dutch bier which are alcoholic beverages .

Dutch carnival
Just like the world-famous Carnivals in South America, The Netherlands has its own version of this religious celebration in the streets. In the Netherlands it is called “Karnaval,” “Vastenavond,” or “Vastelaovend” and celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday. The Carnival is usually celebrated in Roman Catholic regions in southern provinces of Noord Brabant and Limburg, Maastricht, Roermont, Eindhoven and Breda. Parades where people come in colorful costumes and dance in the streets are usually seen during the festivities.
The Dutch have certain rituals for special events like birth to death. In the Netherlands, most of the women choose to give birth at home. Once the baby arrives, people are served pink or blue biscuit topped with a treat that looks like sprinkles called beschuit met muisjes, depending on the gender of the baby. Sometimes, they also place an inflatable or wooden stork in the front garden announcing the arrival of a baby into the family.
Almost all the traditions we celebrate here in Canada are quite similar to the ones in the Netherlands. All the traditions are just different because both countries have a different take on the occasion but since most dutch people are roman catholic and so are many canadians the outlook on them are similar.
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