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Principles of Management Group Presentation

Joe Pahnke

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Google

TJ Fowler
Earnest Johnson
Liz Graham
John Pahnke

Image Credit: www.neowin.net
I discussed these two programs because I was flown out to their headquarters to attend them both
I was able to meet many intelligent leaders which some didn't have any educational backgrounds

Out of a 100 percentile, 14 of that contains people who didn't attend school that works for Google
How Does Google Get Your Information?
1998 - Present
This is what the founders Larry Paige and Sergey Brin were looking for in management when they hire their first employee in 1998

Since then they have kept to a certain structure which helps make the company grow
They relate to this presentation because I was able to experience and witness the consistency and fair decision making by both of the programs management itself
Some of Google's Products
But What is he talking about?
How does this relates to the presentation
Background of Google's Management
Bold Immersion
-Learned more about Google's products
-Host and coordinate events on campus
-Act as liaison for Google
-Keep students at McKendree informed on programs and the latest products Google has out
-3 day intensive training at Google's headquarters

-Attended enterprise, sales, operations, and creative thinking seminars to gain insight of the technology industry

-Applied business knowledge to a case study
Two Key Factors
-Leaders are consistent and fair in making decisions

-GPA, test scores, degrees, and educational background are worthless


- BOLD Immerson
#1 Search Engine

Google's First Product
Over 3 billion searches handled a day
Usually starts with about 15 GB of free storage so you can keep pictures, stories, designs, drawings, recording, videos, just about anything and you can see your stuff anywhere
Video sharing website that allows people to discover, watch, and share originally created videos
Social networking platform for discovering and sharing digital content with friends, family, and co workers

It's both a social destination and a social layer over Google's products and services
Larry Page
Management Team

Changed the old organization structure
Purpose of the Change
Advantages & Benefits
SEC Letter to Shareholders
Impacts to Science Disciplines
Google Street View
Google Earth
Google Flu Trends Tool
Shareholders Letter
First of its Kind
Established a Standard
Facebook and Groupon
Accurate and Free Information
Work on things that matters
Affect everyone in the world
Solve problems with algorithms if possible
Hire bright people/give lots of freedom
Don't be afraid to try new things
Science Field
Library of Science Journals
Google Street View
Cliff-nesting Vultures
Resource Saved
Time - 36 percent
Cost - 49 percent
Google Earth
Seafood Production
21,000+ Fish Farms
Google Flu Trend Tool
Augment the CDC's Weekly Report
Daily Real-time Data
Improved Forecast/Prediction
Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Google in 1998 while studying for their PhD's at Stanford University
Named Google after the misspelling of the mathematical "googol" which stands for the number one followed by one hundred zeros
Founders of Google
All about the Algorithm
The most powerful and popular search engines on the internet
Not just a search engine but an actual saying
Just Google It= Find something out
Google's algorithm differed from any other search engine.
Put more emphasis on checking each page of a website that backlinked to the original website.
The algorithm created the most accurate search engine ever.
Best Business to Work For
Voted best company to work for in 2014, according to fortune magazine
Google It!
Earnest Johnson
Liz Graham
John Pahnke
TJ Fowler

Advantages & Benefits con't

Structure and Effects of
Google's businesses to function independently
Became CEO in 2011
A senior vice-president
Larry King sole board member
Legal & financial executives
between those accountable for products
Brought in new advisors
Larry Page wanted no managers or groups in
Former executives not dismissed, but moved
An operation company was formed
within the company
Works independently
Responsible for strategic priorities:
The Larry Team is created
Added to the team: Android Mobile Chief,
An operation company was formed
social network & mobile computing
head of social networking, & the head of
Larry page changed the culture of management where greed = good
Created a fun & creative environment
Employees get a $500 allowance for take out meals for 3 months after the birth & free onsite daycare
Onsite laundry facilities, oil changes, free meals & car wash
$5000 for buying a hybrid car
Death benefits - Surviving spouse receives half of employee's salary for 10 years plus an additional $1000/mo per child
20% time allowance for individual projects
Shown large profits per
Google the #1 Web Search
Fortune magazine ranked
as best place to work
Growth and less turnovers
Happy + Satisfied Employees
Profitable Business
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