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Growth of Basketball

No description

matthew wallace

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Growth of Basketball

The Growth Of Basketball The Beginning Era The Basketball Of American Started To Fromed With Only 11 Teams Over The First 11 Season That played At Stadiums Like Boston Garden and Madison Square Garden. The Rules Change The new league’s early success was helped by what was arguably professional basketball’s first superstar.The NBA began to change its rules to mitigate the Mikan factor, widening the three-second lane, an area in the center of the court by the basket where a player cannot stand for more than three seconds before being whistled for a violation. The Legends Era The NBA Growth Though Russell and Chamberlain dominated the sport, the NBA in the 1960s was not without other stars. The breaking of the color barrier in 1950 saw African-Americans in the game, and a decade later, the game’s biggest stars were almost entirely black. With the retirement of Bob Cousy, a legendary white Celtic player, in the 1962-1963 season, and the retirement of legendary coach Red Auerbach (who won a then-record nine titles with Boston), the only big NBA stars who were white were Jerry Lucas and Jerry West. Otherwise, the game was dominated by its black stars, guys like Russell, Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor and Oscar Robertson (who, in the 61-62 season, averaged a triple-double, meaning he finished the season averaging double-digits in three statistical categories, in this case points, rebounds and assists. No player had done it before or has done it since). What I Already Know I Already know That The Nba Change Alot Since The Draft Era Came like The New Rule Also New Officials plus the form of 32 Different Teams What I Learn I really learn alot about the growth of the nba like how the 3 point line came in to the nba life also the cahnge the rule for tall player in the nba nd how money became a big different like the luxury tax Why I Choice My Topic I choice This topic because I really love the sport basketball it have alwayz been a favorite thing to watch beside power ranger plus i really wanna to know more about the history of the sport The Present Day The Present Day of the nba is great everyting is really in it place teh rule are being followed by the players also money is not a problem anymore nd i hope you learn a Something About The Growth & History of Nba Baketball
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