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How to make fresh-cut flowers last the longest

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Madeline Garcia

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of How to make fresh-cut flowers last the longest

Making fresh-cut flowers last
By: Madeline Garcia B6
What makes a fresh-cut flower last the longest?
If I test fresh cut flowers to see which last the longest using different additives , then I hypothesize that sprite will make the flowers last the longest.
1. Gather materials.
2. Put carnations into their seperate jars with the additive being tested.
3. Check the flowers everyday.
4. Record data daily until all carnations die.
IV: Additives
DV: Life expectancy
Constant: 6
Control Group: Flowers
Variables, Constants, & Controls
Results Graph
Results Table
The purpose of my science project was to find out which additives would make a fresh-cut flower last the longest. I conducted my experiment by putting one flower into each jar, with equal amounts of water and one of the additives. The additives I used were sprite, sugar, a penny, bleach, aspirin, and vinegar. Sprite can make the water both acidic and sugary. Sugar is a source of food. The penny acts as an antibacterial agent. Bleach will kill bacteria in the water. Aspirin increased acidity in the water. Vinegar inhabits the growth of bacteria. My original hypothesis was that sprite would make the flower last the longest because it would make the water acidic and would give the flower nutrients. The results of my project showed that a penny made the flower last the longest and that my hypothesis was incorrect. The outcome surprised me because I didn't think that the penny would have that much of an impact on the flower. In the future, I will put pennies in my fresh-cut flowers to make them last longer.
Material List

6 Carnations
6 Jars
Because fresh flowers die so soon:
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