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Law Enforcement

No description

kaylee contreras

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Law Enforcement

Kaylee C. Haley A. Danielle N. Alexis J.
Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement
Prostitution broadly refers to any system by which some members of society sell their bodies to enforce the law by discovering, deterring, rehabilitating or punishing persons who violate the rules and norms governing that hoe.
In most local and state police departments, a high school degree minimum for joining the force. some agencies require a two-year or four-year college degree.
Education and Training
Police officer candidates are not required to have received training for the job if they are applying for an entry-level position. The training takes place after they are hired when they are sent to a police academy.
Work Environments
At least two years of work and/or life experience directly relating to a combination of skills and experiences including
Demonstrated community involvement and experience working with youth, the disabled community, the elderly, or with drug/alcohol intervention issues.
public speaking, and conflict resolution skills.

Demonstrated ability to solve problems using creative methods to resolve issues.
Positive multi-cultural work and life experiences.

Stable work history.

Valid driver's license and acceptable driving record.
Police and Detective work can be physically demanding, stressful, and dangerous. Police have one of the highest of on the job injuries and fatalities.
Animal Cops working conditions can vary due to the day. Some days you pick up abused or neglected animals. Other days it's just office work.
Probation Officers manly work in an office building. They work with many different clients such as family members of clients who may be angry or upset, and difficult to work with.
A law enforcement officer upholds the laws of his or her country, and the jurisdiction in which the officer works. This may mean being responsible for more than one set of laws. For example, a city police officer will uphold local ordinances, state laws and federal laws. A law enforcement officer may be a patrol officer, a special agent, or a type of detective
Lawyer's do most of their work in side offices, court houses, and law libraries.
Other Requirements
what they deal with
what classes should you take

Opportunities for Advancement
Advancement opportunities for a lawyer include becoming a court attorney, a prosecuting attorney, a district attorney, and then a judge. The highest rank in the U.S. are the Supreme Court.
For an Animal cop this is the highest you can go because you are actually registered as a cop.
Police Officers are usually promoted after a probation period. This ranges from six months to three years.
Probation Officers are usually eligible for a promotion after a probation period. This may last up to 12 months. A master's degree in criminal justice, social work, or psychology may be helpful for advancement.
Other Related Occupations
Their are other options besides being a Police Officer. Some of those options are FBI agent, U.S. Marshal, State Trooper, and Secret Service Agent.
Some related options for a Lawyer are Legal Writing and Publishing, or a Trial Technology Consultant.
Other options for Parole Officers are Deputy Regional Director, Regional Director, Correctional Probation Specialist, and Deputy Circuit Administration.
Related options for an Animal Cop are 68T- Animal Care Specialist, Human Law Enforcement Officer, and Animal Rescue.
This occupation interest us because we can bring justice to people and make a difference in our community , we also we are not indoors and get paid a decent amount of money .
Interest In this occupation
our school is giving us a class set aside in "law enforcement" to learn more about what we want to do or be and teaching us skills on how to choose that it is we want to be

Thank you for your time :)

Police officer
Animal cop
Parole officer
Employment Outlook for these Occupations

Occupation Available in our area
People we know in law enforcement
Lawyers :
Jimmy Wisecarver Antioch Police Officer
Antioch Police Department
The outlook for lawyers is good because many students are graduating every year than their are jobs.
Police Officers :
Before you search for school courses relevant to Law Enforcement, contact your local police/sheriff's department and see if they offer a Law Enforcement Exploring program. It's specifically designed for high school students to learn about law enforcement, and they go over all aspects of law enforcement, from simple patrol, to SWAT, to CSI and detective work. In addition to the training, Explorers also have the opportunity to assist Police Officers in the community. It's definitely a great tool in determining whether or not law enforcement is the field for you.
Police Officers have a good outlook because they always need more cops.
Animal Cops :
There are always stray animals in need of someone and to get good homes.
Parole Officers :
Parole Officers are always needed because there has to be someone who deals with the families, and helps them get back up on their feet.
Potential Ability :



Allan Cantando Chief of Police

Mike Perry Pittsburgh Police Officer
Tom Furhman Antioch Police Officer
Pittsburgh PD

Antioch Animal Shelter
We feel like we have the potential
to be in law enforcement because
we want to help people, we like animals, and bringing justice to stressful situations.
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