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Starbucks: Past and Future

No description

Ben Holliday

on 29 December 2013

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Transcript of Starbucks: Past and Future

2012 : introduced
Starbucks: Past and Future

1971 March 30
Founded in Seattle, Washington
Howard Schultz
1986 : introduced
Espresso Coffee
Japan and beyond...
1998- first European stores, in UK
1998- first Taiwan store, in Taipei
1999- first Chinese store, in Beijing
2002- first Latin American Store, in Mexico City, Mexico
2003- first South American Store, in Lima, Peru
2007- first Russian store
China: The Promised Land
Although its first Chinese store opened in 1999, Starbucks has only recently begun its rise to potential in the world's largest market
Entering International Turf
In the mid '90's, Starbucks entered its first international market (not counting Canada)
As of 2013, more than 50 countries are home to 5,500+ stores
Initially sold :
Logo conception
Synergy Creation
Starbucks typically will test successful products from 'local' markets in other int'l markets, ie., green tea lattes' successful transition from Japan to US market
Environment & Atmosphere
Starbucks quickly took notice of consumer differences, namely in Asia
'Business as Usual'
With respect to its entrance into these foreign markets, Starbucks generally employed its usual, domestic strategy
Adjusted Strategy
Although its core products are offered everywhere, localization has become more critical
Coffee drinkers only account for 1% of hot-drink market share in China
Sell the Environment!
Starbucks quickly gained favor with locals- air conditioning and free WIFI
Power in Numbers
Starbucks pushes for margin maximization, not only cutting prices
Initial Int'l Growth ('96-'07)
Beginning with Japan, Starbucks began its capture of the world's international coffeehouse market
Adjusted Int'l Growth (~'08-??)
This Starbucks era is focused on Asia, namely, China and India
Predicted that by 2015, China will be largest market, 2nd only to USA's
Based on this information for its previous int'l strategy, which international business strategy do you believe Starbucks employs? (int'l, localization, etc....)
What is your image of the Starbucks brand?
Can Starbucks succeed in the Asian markets with this strategy?
What do you think about Starbucks operating as a coffee shop selling tea in China?
Should they adjust to a tea shop who sells coffee ?
Anderson Wang
Ben Holliday

Gordon Bowker
English Teacher
Jerry Baldwin
History Teacher
Zev Siegl
Mentor :
Alfred Peet

Until 1986 :
taught roasting beans

Roasted bean coffees
opened sixth chain-store
began to sell
espreso coffee
meanwhile, the owners sold the Starbucks in August
16th-century a twin-tailed mermaid,
Norse woodcut in Greek mythology.
1987 ~
Italian-style coffee-house
1992 ~
Iisted Company
2011 until now
Named "Starbucks"
A well-known literrature
Moby Dick

a First-mate who loved cooking coffee
natural respect
1982 : joined the Starbucks as the Director of marketing
Howard Schultz
new face of coffeehouse by a trip in Italy
1986 :
An opportunity at Sixth-Starbucks store opened
amazing 700 cust. a day
re-named the store
Il Giornale
1987 :
The owners decided to sell their coffee business
1983 :
to transmit
Based on this information for its adjusted int'l strategy, which international business strategy do you believe Starbucks employs? (int'l, localization, etc....)
1995 : introduced
2010 : introduced
at some U.S. stores
Different, but the same...
While Starbucks has adjusted its int'l strategy towards the consumer, its 'partner' approach is universally the same
2009 March : introduced
Instant Coffee Packets
2009 June : introduced
Salads & Baked goods
1999 : introduced
Tea business
Thanks for your attention!
Mission :
at a time
one person
one cup
one neighborhood
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