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Networking 202

teach you how to make instant friends/ business associates, as well to leverage the contacts you already have so you may move up in every aspect of your life!

Alice Zhou

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Networking 202

Why network? get instant access to exclusive clubs/
professional associations gain a mentor Professional help ( accounting,
engineering, fixing computers, law) learn about trends, and insider info
Free stuff good personal grooming Dress appropriately
Tools of the trade Business Card
Professionalism Follow Up
coffee meeting within the same week or the following week Follow up email within 48 hours
avoid time vampires
Social Media Opted in email newsletter system
Difference between Men and Women in Communication style Men:
Results oriented
cannot multitask
make more action
gets straight to the point Women:
Process oriented
Great communication & Social skills
Can be long winded and unfocused during conversation
loves to tell and hear stories
more dramatic body language and intonations

Office Politics More power = more politics diffuse attacks by having clear project objectives
and who is accountable Respect doesn't come with a title,
it's earned over years and through tough times Never criticise, but use praise and recognition
to stimulate higher achievement
Quality Vs. Quantity
-You can build a larget network of very light relationship
-People might forget who you are
-You cannot rely or trust your contacts because you don't know them well enough
-it might not be important who you know, but who they know
-more investments of time and effort
-longer time to build the relationship with multiple touches (need 8-10 for others to remember you)
-more yield! They're there when you need them in the most surprising way
Target Audience Find your herd, people you click with Form win win relationships
Have a clear goal for networking, then do it
Networking 202
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