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12th Grade Registration

Future 12th Grade registration

Danny Lundell

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of 12th Grade Registration

Who is your counselor?
Mrs Marker A-E
Mr Lundell F-L
Mr Jamsa M-S
Mrs Lotz T-Z
I Can Statements
I can select the right courses for my 12th grade school year.
I can tell you who my counselor is.
I can tell you why it is important for me to make the most of my Senior year in High School!
Be Involved
Performing Groups
Record your activities!
Salem Hills High School
Spirit Heart Honor Success

College Credit and Off Campus Opportunities
Concurrent Enrollment
AP Credit
Advanced Learning Center
Mountainland Applied Technology Center
April 15th registration
Entrance Exam is
Dental Assistant Applications
Internship Program
12th Grade Required Classes
US Government
Math recommended
College Prep Courses

Elective Courses
Social Studies
Fine Arts (1.5 required to graduate)
Career & Tech Ed (1.0 required to graduate)
Foreign Language
Academic Labs
Other Exciting Stuff
Career Pathway Cords
Regent's Scholarship
ACT Test Prep (Shmoop.com/utah)
ACT Test for FREE!$!
Course Catalog is online
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