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No description

Gareth Saunders

on 7 February 2016

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Transcript of Trademarks

A trademark is a symbol/sign that identifies your products or services. A trademark can be words or pictures or a combination of both. A fee is paid to the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) who decide whether your symbol/logo can be regarded as a protected trademark. E.g. trying to register the word ‘THE’, written in capitals, would certainly be rejected.
What is a Trademark?
Often trademarks are used to advertise products or services. Your trademark must be:
• distinctive and
• distinguish your goods from those of other traders/manufacturers.
What Constitutes a Trademark?
Almost. Your trademark must not be confused with other trademarks. A registered trademark is denoted by ® or ™. Have a look at the products in your bags and you will almost certainly see these symbols on them.
Is that All?
Give Us More Examples!
Trademarks reflect a company's overall identity and reputation, however, go to any Turkish market and you will see Armani shirts being sold that are not genuine Armani. Indeed businesses around the world lose millions of dollars every year from easily preventable ‘trademark infringements’. By not policing trademarks for unauthorized use, companies risk confusing customers, destroying their brand reputation and ultimately losing money.
Are Trademarks Really that Important?
So, how can I protect my trademark?
Stick around for the next lesson and we will look at ways you can protect your trademark......but, it's not easy!
Be Serious!
This is a not a trademark
This is a trademark
Is this legal?
The product on the next slide shows a pair of shoes with springs. This allows the user to bounce along while walking. The name ‘springfoot’ has been registered as a trademark. The combination of the name and the way it is ‘graphically represented’ is the trademark. Anyone copying or producing the same name and style of presentation will be breaking the law. Note the ® symbol after the trademark.
The World Famous 'Springfoot' Company
Contact this guy
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