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An Ergonomic Office

No description

Mandy Xie

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of An Ergonomic Office

An Ergonomic Office
The Computer Parts

Plants will help purify the air and give your eyes a break from always staring at a monitor.
Other Electrical Appliances
-Adjustable height,swivel, and brightness
-large screen
-built-in speakers
-$450.99 from Best Buy
The Monitor
ASUS 27" LED Monitor
The Keyboard
SIIG - USB Slim Ergonomic Multimedia Keyboard
-slim keys which are easier to push
-includes palm rest
-$20.37 at Best Buy
The Computer
The Mouse
The Mouse Pad
The Printer
The HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop Computer
$40 per plant
-4GB of RAM
-640GB of storage
-$379.95 from Best Buy
The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Mouse
-helps to maintain wrist at a healthy position with a natural height and angle
-customer rating of 4.9/5
-$59.99 from Best Buy
The Allsop Memory Foam Mouse Pad
-encourages proper wrist angle
-relieves stress from pressure points by adjusting to contours of wrists
-improves blood circulation by retaining body heat
- $10.48 from Best Buy
Office Furniture
Brother Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer With Fax
Lot of dividers
Compliments the wall colour
A place for books, pictures, awards, etc.
$200 from Ikea
Ergonomically Correct Chair
-printer, photocopier, scanner, and fax
-prints from mobile devices
-prints double-sided
-$109.99 from Best Buy
Made of leather (makes cleaning easy)
Headrest and armrest
Revolves and has wheels
$659 from National Business Furniture
The Cartridge
The Brother CMY Inkjet Cartridge
Filing Cabinet
Five cabinets
Has a lock
Not too big
$429 from National Business Furniture
-for inkjet printer
-$44.99 at Best Buy
Ergonomically Correct Desk
Lots of working space
Sliding board for keyboard
space specifically for monitor
built in cabinets
$1449 from National Business Furniture
Good Size
LED light; saves 85% of energy and lasts 20 times longer
Adjustable arms
$70 from Ikea
Air Purifier
Black and Decker Tower Air Purifier
Visitor Chairs
-22 inches
-reduces odor
-captures airborne particles such as
dust mites and pollens
-$153.99 from Home Depot
Cushioned seating
Holes on back for "breathing"
Arm rest
There should be three in the office
$80 from Walmart
Doors & Windows
PURE GUARDIAN 70Hr Ultrasonic Humidifier

Full Glass Door
Big Office Window
-keeps moisture in the air
-no growth of mold on surface
-adjustable amount of mist
$98.99 from Home Depot
AT&T 1070 4-Line Corded Expandable Speakerphone
Water Filter
-Caller ID and Call waiting
-1 year warranty
-Have two ports to connect other communication device
-From Office Depot
The Zero Water 10 Cup Pitcher
-filters dissolved metals
-Home Depot
Expedit Shelf
Lever Type Mechanism
-easy to slide

LED Interior Downlights
-adjustable brightness
-energy efficient
- $ 1012
Travertine Tile
Porcelain Tile
Slate Tile
Carpet is hard to clean and roller chairs have a hard time rolling on it.
-mantains heat
-stain resistant
- very durable
- moisture resistant
- $2600
- increases excitment
- increases energy
- stimulates conversation

- increases energy
- increases excitement
- evokes enthusiasm
- stimulates happiness
- captures warmth of sunshine
- people are more likely to lose temper
- brings down blood pressure
- slows heart rate & respiration
- calming, relaxing & serene

- evokes feelings of sadness
- rich, dramatic & sophisticated
- associated with luxury & creativity
- lights shades of purple evoke restful qualities
- restful for the eye
- cools things down
- promotes warmth & togetherness

-mends with trends
- refreshing
- bright
- looks natural
- $90
- $2000

- $200
TISDAG Work Lamp
Conference Style U-Desk

High Back Leather Chair with Headrest

Five-Drawer Letter Size Vertical File
Office Star Visitor Chair
Office Accessories
Garbage Can
Simplehuman® Countertop Trash Can
$14.99 from Office Depot
Not too big or small, perfect for a office
Paper Shredder
Swingline™ Cross-Cut Jam Free Shredder
$344.99 from Office Depot
Have buttons different functions
Cheaper compared to $1000 shredder
Chicago Lighthouse 13 3/4" Quartz Contract Wall Clock
$23.99 from Office Depot
Shows large digits and hatch marks (seen even far away)
Coat Hanger
Coat Tree with Chrome Hooks
$119 from National Business Furniture
A convenient size
The hooks are not too big; doesn't take up much space
1. Mouse --- $67.79
2. Mouse Pad --- $11.84
3. Monitor --- $509.62
4. Computer --- $429.39
5. Keyboard --- $23.02
6. Printer --- $124.29
7. Cartridge --- $50.84
8. Paint--- $101.70
9. Plants x 2 --- $90.40
10. Bookshelf --- $226.00
11. Ergonomic Chair --- $744.67
12. FIling Cabinet --- $484.77
13. Desk --- $1637.37
14. Lamp --- $79.10
15. Visitor Chairs x 3 --- $271.20
16. Blinds --- $226.00

(with taxes)
17. Glass Door --- $2260.00
18. Led Interior Downlights --- $1143.56
19. Slate TIles --- $2938.00
20. Air Purifier --- $174.01
21. Humidifier --- $111.86
22. Water Filter --- $43.49
23. Phone --- $146.89
24. Garbage Can --- $16.94
25. Paper Shredder --- $389.84
26. Clock --- $27.11
27. Coat Hanger --- $134.47
Grand Total: $12 464.18

P.S There could also be installation fees and other costs
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