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Terence Parkin

No description

Jackelin Caceres

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Terence Parkin

Stuff you wanna know about Terence Parkin
One of his accomplishments was being in the deaflympics
Terence Parkin was born April 12,1980
Since terence parkin was a deaf swimmer he couldnt hear the shooting of the gun when it was time to begin a race so he relied a lot on his coach to tell him when to start

while Micheal phelps has 22 medals in total,
parkin has 24 gold medals and 29 medals in total
and was born in
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe,South Africa
and is a deaf swimmer who has won a silver medal at the 2000 summer olympics in 200 metres breaststroke .
Terence'S coach
had to do a lot of
training with terence and it all paid off at the end

He has a school named
after him. Its called
Parkin Windex Academy and is coaching swimming there.
And in 2011 parkin saved a 7 year old boy from drowning
Terence is currently
married and has 2 daughters
By: Jackie
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