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NAFTA & Maquiladoras

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Kiryu Kazuma

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of NAFTA & Maquiladoras

NAFTA & Maquiladoras
How Maquiladoras effected Mexico
Section II
NAFTA was made for prosperity between countries. Mexico joined NAFTA after finding out about the existance of NAFTA and the promised prosperity.
Mexico after joining NAFTA was horrible. Mexico's environment was polluted by toxic waste created from the factories. This harmed people's health, along with NAFTA preventing Mexico from creating environmental laws.
The Mexican American War was a war that started from Mexico outlawing slavery.
NAFTA and the Maquiladoras
A maquiladora is a labor intensive assembly operation. It imports inputs from another country and processes them and ships them back to the country of origin.
The maquiladora program allows inputs to be processed into Mexico without paying tariffs
NAFTA is the North America Free Trade Agreement that was involved with the U.S, Canada, and Mexico in 1994. NAFTA got rid of "barriers" that prevented increase prosperity and decreased consumer prices.
NAFTA affected the people of Mexico by causing the poor farmers of Mexico to lose their land for building factories.
NAFTA removed Article 27, Article 27 provided land distribution between the poor farmers living in Mexico.
Effects of NAFTA
NAFTA also compelled farmers to work in maquiladoras due to the lack of land.
Many U.S workers were also layed off of their jobs due to a higher minimum wage.
Maquiladoras paid workers low wages, $2 an hour and the workers worked long and exhausting hours.
The Maquiladoras effected Mexico by polluting the environment with toxic chemicals. These chemicals caused many birth deformities, along with lead poisoning.
Section 1
Section I
Historical Background
Section I
Section II
Historical Background
NAFTA compelled many low class Mexicans to immigrate do to the loss of their land. Those low class Mexicans were seeking prosperity and looked in the U.S
This relates to the Mexican Revolution that occured in 1910 to 1917. In the Mexican Revolution, low and middle class Mexicans fought for distribution in land and land rights. At the time, Mexico's land was owned by high class Mexicans and foreigners from the U.S. In the end, they got what they've wanted. Article 27 was created in 1917 and distributed land between the hierarchy of classes. It also prevented any foreigners to own land in Mexico.
However, Article 27 was removed due to NAFTA considering it as a barrier for trading between countries.
Section III
Modern Day Importance
NAFTA and the Maquiladoras made the Mexicans feel like their country is an unsafe environment and inhabital. So the Mexicans tried to immigrate to the U.S, hoping for prosperity.
NAFTA also caused many U.S workers to be laid off of their jobs. Because the minimum wage in Mexico was lower, organizations wanted to prosper even more by creating factories in Mexico
Are NAFTA's policies, including the Maquiladoras helping or hurting Mexican people?
This is a controversy that is discussed when NAFTA and the Maquiladoras is mentioned. And we believe that NAFTA's policies and the maquiladoras are hurting the Mexican people.
Reasons why is because NAFTA is compelling Mexican people to immigrate to the U.S. The travel to cross the border is difficult and hot. Many Mexican people die along the trip from the heat of the desert, the bandits that are lurking in the desert, and the border security.
The Maquiladoras are also dangerous and provide little wealth. The low wages are not enough to support a family and the workers are exposed to chemicals. The chemicals cause birth deformities.
Section IV
The U.S won in the end and Mexico loss 1/3 of its land and the U.S paid Mexico $15 million.
by Thomas & Ariana
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