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Open House Presentation

No description

Brett King

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of Open House Presentation

Welcome To Mr. King's 4th grade classroom
New Things for the 2012-2013
School Year
New Common Core Standards
New Common Core Standards
Under the new Federal Legislation "Race To The Top" requires schools in New York state to adopt the common Core standards that 48 states have adopted. You will notice your child's work being much more in depth, and "problem solving" based on a more regular basis.
Goal Driven Reading
Math Instruction
In order to best meet each students needs I will be setting goals with your child periodically. We will be setting 3 reading goals, 1 for fluency, 1 for comprehension, and 1 for word work every few weeks. A copy of your child's goals will be sent home each time new goals are created. We will be using our class time during our reading block to practice these skills, but the students can also be working on these at home as well. We will also be doing this in math. Your child will have a fact goal and concept goal starting in October. Each of these goals are set during a private meeting with your child and every child has goals that are academically appropriate for their needs.
Attendance & Benchmark Testing
Every day attendance is taken four times a day. At the beginning of the day, During ELA, Math, Science and or Social Studies. This is to track how much specific instruction children are missing from being pulled out early, or coming to school late over the course of the year, another measure that the state has asked us to do.
Benchmarking testing will continue to include our timed reading test but will now also include a computerized norm based assessment that your child will be required to take 3 times a year in ELA and Math as part of the New Teacher Evaluation System put in place this year. These tests will be given in the fall mid winter and at the end of the year.
Classroom Schedule
Monday - Music 12:50 1:20
Tuesday - P.E. 12:50-1:30
Wednesday - Art 11:25-12:05
Thursday- Chorus 11:35-12:05
P.E. 12:50-1:30
Friday- Library 11:10-11:40
Recess & Lunch 12:05-12:45
4th grade State Testing Regiment
New York State ELA: 62 total questions on April 16th, 17th, 18th - 90 minutes given each day
New York State Math Test: 71 Questions given on April 24, 25, 26- 90 minutes given each day
New York State Science Exam
2 parts-
Hands on section 60 minute hands on exam Given at the end of May
Written test 30 questions untimed Monday June 3rd
What Can Your Students Expect in 4th Grade
Making Maps
Puppet Reports
Science Experiements
Bringing Social Studies to life
simple machines
stages of matter
Building Electrical Circuits
Native Americans of New York State
The New York State Map
Settlement of New York
Revolutionary War & the Battle of Saratoga
Deep Reading
This year the students will be practicing reading deeply into stories. We will be looking at each sentence to make meaning and classify this information into categories to help determine the main ideas and details for each paragraph. This is a crucial skill that some of the students began working on last year, but all students in 4th grade will be using these strategies with our regular reading curriculum.
Individual Goal Setting
Individual goals to help increase student performance on an individual basis. Through setting goals students have something to work towards during their independent practice times. Through collaboratively planning these goals with the teacher the students will create attainable goals that will help to motivate their reading.
New Math Curriculum
This year with the new Common Core Standards, we have a much more rigorous program with intense expectations for our students. We will be cutting down the amount of topics we cover in a year, but will be going much more in-depth with each topic. Your children will not be used to doing this, so we need to help them bridge the gaps that appear together. Also we will be teaching math in modules or "units" instead of using the spiral curriculum that Saxon Math used previously.
New Math Materials
Since we have new standards for math we will be using various materials to help instruct the students in this curriculum. As you have noticed we are no longer able to use Saxon Math, since it does not correlate to the new standards for New York State. For the most part we will be using the Envisions program, but at times will be supplementing with other materials.
Math Stations:
During our math lessons, your children will participate in three math stations along with a whole group lesson most days. This will help me to differentiate each math lesson so that students are able to be enriched when they are able to understand the concepts being presented, or get extra help in understanding the concepts.
Contact Information:
Please feel free to contact me at:
Please ask if you need my personal number. It is available upon request.
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