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Saint Cecilia

No description

nadine z.

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Saint Cecilia

Saint Cecilia By: Nadine Zarour Facts about Saint Cecilia Saint Cecilia's name is actually 'Saint Cecilia
of Rome'.
She was born in the 2nd century in Rome and died in the 3rd century in Cicily.
Her Feast Day is on November 22nd.
Saint Cecilia was born in Rome, Italy.
She died when was only 20. When & Why She Was Canonized She was canonized because
she devoted herself to
God at a young age.
Saint Cecilia was canonized
in the 4th century. Symbolization
Saint Cecilia's symbols are roses, a crown and musical instruments. Musical instruments symbolize her because she is the patroness of music and she played them her whole life.(ex. violin, harp, piano..) Roses symbolizes her because when her husband was baptized, he found her in a chapel with two angels surrounding her, holding roses. The crown symbolizes her because her husband saw the angels with two crowns, protecting her. Reflection Why I Chose This Saint I chose St. Cecilia for my Saint project because I love music and I like her background story. Saint Cecilia is a Patroness of music, and without her their wouldn't have been music in the world. I like her background story because what she did was very strong and inspiring. Saint Cecilia died at only 20, but through her years she has been arrested, stabbed in the neck 3 times and beheaded, because of her passion for music and her belief in God. That is why I chose Saint Cecilia for my Saint project. Why This Saint Inspires Me Saint Cecilia Inspires me for one reason. She is very brave. I think she is brave because no matter what anyone said about her belief, being killed because of it, she still had her strong belief in God. That's why Saint Cecilia inspires me. What Gifts Did Your Saint Display In Their Life? A gift from the Holy Spirit that Saint Cecilia displayed in her life is courage. I think she displayed courage because as I mentioned she showed courage in everything she did through her life. How Can This Saint Guide You In Your Life? Saint Cecilia can guide
me in my life by showing
courage in my life like she
That is how she could
guide me in my life. Prayers To Saint Cecilia Dear St. Cecilia, One thing we know for certain about you is that you became a heroic matryr in fidelity to your Divine Bridegroom.
We do not know that you were a musician but we are told you heard angels sing.
Inspire musicians to gladden the hearts of people by filling the air with God's gift of music and reminding them of the Divine Musician who created all beauty.

Amen O Glorious Saint Who chose to die instead of denying your king, we pray you please help us as His fair praise we
We left our hearts in joyous song to honor Him this way, and while we sing, remembering to sing is
to double pray.
At once, in our hearts and in our tongues, we offer double prayer sent heavenward on winged
notes to pray to God dwelling there.
While in our hearts and tongues we try with song to praise God twice, we ask dear saint, to help us
be united close to Christ.

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