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Copy of Brandon's Senior Presentation


Estela Wada

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Brandon's Senior Presentation

Ícone da Vida Quando começamos a enxergar os detalhes passamos a notar que marcas minúsculas podem representar
uma grande história de vida Life is a journey... mine is no exception Freshman Year Tustin High School - Cross country “most improved”
- T.v. / Media production
Tustin, California Sophomore Year Lakeside High School Biotechnology Lake Elsinore California Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Best Works Pictures
Talk about how you developed technique, got better over time and spend lots of time on it
Tell why you’re proud of them (won that one contest)
Always have camera (insert pic of you with camera.. Jen has lots of these..)
Career Components Letter of Recommendation

Used skills to get job

Junior Research Involved technology
Worked on ticket vending machines with soundtransit
Focused classes on career with computers High School and Beyond
Community experience

Troop 714 Pinewood Derby

AP Computer Science

Graphic Arts

Photo 2

Photo TA

Photo Club
Networking Major This is not the end of the road,
it is only a step in the right direction... Agradeço a sua atenção,
mas agradeço muito mais pelo o que você poderá realizar
daqui para frente!
tudo tem significado Viram? Tudo tem significado!!! Semester 1 Porque crescemos juntos
e se nao fosse isto
não teríamos história
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