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Erin Binstock

number the stars

Harwood Fifth Grade

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Erin Binstock

It will be a long night. -4
The house by the sea -7
* The chapter is called -The House By The Sea- because Mama, Ellen, Annmarie, and Kristi were visiting Uncle Henrik's house.
*When Ellen and Annemaire came back into the house from playing outside, why did Mama ask is they saw any one or talked to anyone?
* Where did Annmaire hide Ellen's necklace?
Why are you running? -1
*Why don't the soldiers know the answers to the questions?
*Why can't they get foods such as sugar and butter?
* Are they jewish?

Who is the man who rides past? -2

* Why didn't the Nazis occupy Sweden?

Who is the dark haired one? -5
* Why did the soldier rip up the picture of Lise?

Is the weather good for fishing? -6
*The chapter is called- Is The Weather Good For Fishing- because that was papa's code when talking to Uncle Henrik.
* Why would they be giving Uncle Henrik Ellen?
* Why were the soldiers on the train?
Where is Mrs.Hirsch? -3
*The chapter is called -Where Is Mrs.Hirsch-because Annmarie and Kristi went to the button shop and Mrs.Hirsch was gone.
*The chapter is called -Why Are You Running- because Ellen and Annmarie were practicing for a school race when the soldier stopped them.
* Why is the solider asking these questions?

*How did Lise die?
* The chapter is called -Who Is The Man Who Rides Past- because a long time ago a teenage boy was asked, "Who is the man who rides past?"
* What happened to Mrs.Hirsch?
* Why didn't they go to the seashore anymore?
* What is a swastika?
*The chapter is called -It Will Be A Long Night- because Ellen had to stay at Annmarie's apartment so that the nazis wouldn't find her.
*How many paper dolls did they have?
*Where are Ellen's parents?
* When will Ellen see her parents again?

* Why don't they look in the trunk?
* The chapter is called -Who Is The Dark Haired One- because the solider was wondering why everyone had blonde hair but Ellen
There has been a death -8
*The chapter is called there has been a death because Uncle Henrik announces that there had been a death and that the casket was going to be in the living room the next day.
*Who died?
*How did Uncle Henrik get cream and butter for oatmeal?
* Who is Great Aunt Birte?
* How come Annemaire hasn't heard of Great Aunt Birte?

*The chapter is called whya are you lying because Annemaire went to talk to Uncle Henrik and she asked him, "Why are you lying to me?"
* If the person in the casket is not Great Aunt Birte then who is in the casket?
* Why is Ellen crying shouldn't she be happy the she is with her parents again?
* Who are the people and why are they there?

Why are you lying?
Let us open the casket -10
*the chapter is called let us open the casket because a soldier comes i and asked why the casket wasn't open and then leaves and after a while Peter begins to open it.
*Why did the solider slap mama?
*why isn't anyone answering the soldiers questions?

Will we see you again soon, Peter? -11
*The chapter is called- Will We See You Again Soon, Peter- because Annmaire asked Peter right before he left with the jews if she would see him again.
* Why are there cloths in the casket?
* Where are they going?
* What is in the packet?
*Were all the people in the room jewish?
Where is mama?
*The chapter is called -Where is Mama -because Annmaire wakes up at 4:00am and can't find mama.
* What happened to mama?
* Did the soldiers hurt mama?
* Who died?
* How did Uncle Henrik get the cream and butter?
*Who is Great Aunt Birte?
There has been a death -8
* The chapter is called -There Has Been A Death- because Uncle Henrik announces a death.
* The chapter is called- Let Us Open The Casket- because a solider came in and asked why the casket wasn't open.
* Why isn't anyone talking or answering the solider
* Why did the solider slap mama?
Let us open the casket. -10
Why are you lying? -9
*The chapter is called why are you lying because Annemaire confronted Uncle Henrik about him lying because she knew that there was no Great Aunt Birte. So she says, "You are lying to me, you and mama both."
*Why is Ellen crying shouldn't she be happy that she is with her parents agian?
* Who are all the people and why are they there?

Why are you lying? -9
* The chapter is called -Why Are You Lying- because Annmarie knew that Uncle Henrik and Mama were lying to her.
*Why is Ellen crying shouldn't she be happy that her parents are with her?
*Who is in the casket?
Run! As fast as you can! -13
*The chapter is called- Run! As Fast As You Can!- because Mama is lying on the ground and she yells to Annmarie, "Run! as fast as you can!" when finds the packet on the ground.
*Why hasn't anyone fixed the broken step yet?
* Why can't the soldiers see the packet?
On the dark path -14
* The chapter is called- On The Dark Path -because it is describing Annmarie's trip on the path.
*Is Annmarie scared?
*Will she make it there in time?
*What will happen if she doesn't get the packet there in time?

My dogs smell meat -15
*The chapter is called -My Dogs Smell Meat- because the solider asked, "Do you have any meat? My dogs smell meat."
* Why was there a handkerchief in the packet?
*Why did they feed the bread to the dogs?
I will tell you just a little -16
* The chapter is called -I Will Tell You Just A Little- because Uncle Henrik is going to tell Annmarie just a little about the where the Rosens are because she is brave.
* How would what ever was on the handkerchief make the dogs not smell?
*What drug did they give the baby?

All this long time -17
* The chapter is called- All This Long Time -because it had been a long time since the city was free.
* Why wouldn't Lise tell mama and papa that she was part of the resistance?
* Is Ellen coming back?
*When is Ellen coming back?
Afterword -18
*The author wanted to tell us why she wrote the book.
*Why would king Christian surrender?
* How would dry rabbit blood and cocaine make dogs not smell?
*I can't believe they would execute
someone so young.
*Why did the soldiers run Lise over?
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