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is football worth the risk?

No description

aaron mason

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of is football worth the risk?

Who wants Trauma?
Do you care enough about your life to understand when its time to stop ? Brain trauma is something that nobody should have to experience through out there life time. Would you learn and take the time to enhance your ability's and technique of tackling so you can prevent yourself and others from having a concussions.
Learning for the better?
My HC thought that learning a new technique of how to tackle with out your head being involved would change our game. So the HC from the Seahawks had made that happen.
NFL Law Suits !
More than 4,500 former professional football players filed suit against the league, accusing it of fraud over its handling of concussions. Last year, the players won the suit, forcing the NFL to pay $765 million according to the AP, including “$675 million for compensatory claims for players with neurological symptoms, $75 million for baseline testing for asymptomatic men and $10 million for medical research and education.”
Would you let your son play ?
video about technique
Obama thoughts
Obama said if he had a son, he'd "have to think long and hard before I let him play football."

"Now, the problem is, if you talk to NFL players, they're going to tell you, 'That that's the risk I take; this is the game I play.' And I don't know whether you can make football (be) football if there's not some pretty significant risk factors,"
they track the near hip of the ball carrier, and then lead with the near shoulder in the thigh of the ball carrier. They feel this helps take the head out of the equation. The basic tackle is the Hawk Tackle. The teaching points are: eyes through the thighs, wrap and squeeze, and then “drive for 5”—push the ball carrier back five yards when necessary.

as I end my examples and explanations on the risk of playing football people should know that life will go on. And will happen with or with out them here. protect yourself and stay safe. So cherish the life you have here and try your best to help preserve the life of others and let them be known of what can happen in there life.
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